Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Haveil Havalim - Omissions

I noted at the bottom of Haveil Havalim that I left out a few things - well, here's two, courtesy of SoccerDad and Daled Amos, which are important:

Next week's Haveil Havalim, #50, will be hosted by Daled Amos! Submissions should be e-mailed to him at daledamos at gmail dot com.

From Soccer Dad:
In all the excitement I discovered that I had failed to forward items from Knocking on the Golden Door. This year he notes with disdain that some Iranian officials are upset with President Ahmadinejad's remarks because it makes Iran look bad not because there's anything wrong with them. This past January blogging at Auterrific he recalled Auschwitz and the toll the Holocaust still takes even on its survivors as part of the January 2005 Blogburst about the Memory of the Wannsee Conference and Liberation of Auschwitz.

I had wanted to my own special commemoration of Haveil Havalim but didn't receive many (OK I received one) responses that I would use. Shiloh Musings wrote how Haveil Havalim makes her feel more a part of a "cyber-family." That's great. I'm not sure that's what I was thinking of when I started Haveil Havalim, but it's certainly been one of the effects of it.

Thank you to SoccerDad for organizing Haveil Havalim, and for his kind remarks!

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