Thursday, December 08, 2005

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 12/8 - Trying to get more selective...

When I first started doing these roundups, I said:
Starting soon I think I will start doing a blog roundup of some good posts I've seen every day. I'll take anywhere between 3 and about 7 posts a day and link to them.
Ha!! The roundups have gotten a little out of hand, but that's primarily because there really is so much good material to choose from out there. But they take up a lot of time, and a lot of space, so I'm going to try and shorten them a bit. Plus, when they're too long, and cover too much, people don't read the whole thing or go to the links, which is what it's there for... though some people say they've gotten a few hits from them. From now on, I will try to be a bit more selective, and cut out a lot of really good posts in favor of what I feel are the most important [not even neccesarily the best] posts of the day.

Hopefully, this attempt at sanity will last more than a day... anyways, on to the roundup!

*Post of the Day*:
Krum as a Bagel, for his analysis of R' Elyashiv's letter about book bans. Don't we all wish this had happened by Slifkin? And why isn't this a bigger story?! Also on the subject: S. at On the Main Line, from the viewpoint of R' Francis Nataf of Cardozo - from before the Slifkin ban. Excellent speech.
Life: Shoshana:
My boss just told me that one of our employees is very ill, and probably not going to make it. She had tears in her eyes. I have never seen her show such emotion before. I was in the middle of eating my lunch, but I can't finish now. It's so hard when there is nothing you can do or say.
Jameel of the Muqata has a wonderful post discussing the early days of the J-blogosphere. He focuses on how it's strange that by joining just 6 months or so later, we're essentially an entirely new generation of J-bloggers, and missed out on so much that was fun-filled and hilarious. But I have to agree with LabRab, who wrote an excellent comment, including this:
My point is, dor holech vedor ba. Generations come and go. Our job is to do what we do best with whomever is out there at the moment. If for you that means injecting some wackiness and frivolity into our routines, I guarantee you that you'll find J-Bloggers with whom to do it. They may or may not be the names listed above - but whoever they are, they'll become your friends.
Basil's Blog turns a year old - Happy Birthday!

Jack of Jack's Shack tells us why he blogs.
Ze'ev at Israel Perspectives is disgusted by the Magen David's joining the Red Cross... as a diamond. Also on the subject: Romach.

Batya has an intriguing, motherly view on and upset at corrupt MK Tzvi Hanegbi, who just joined Sharon in Kedima. Also on the subject: Ze'ev & Jameel, in freakishly similar posts.

Ze'ev gets the hat trick with his excellent post analyzing - and destroying - PM Sharon's speech about Ben-Gurion.
Education & Culture:
Wolfish Musings discusses secular education in Jewish high schools, and why the Lakewood internet ban is so upsetting, if schools have the right to do as they see fit.

Orthomom is upset over the new Mel Gibson movie that might be. A few good lines, but this is the best:
But Quinn Taylor, ABC's senior vice president in charge of movies for television, acknowledged that the attention-getting value of having Mr. Gibson attached to a Holocaust project was a factor.

"Controversy's publicity, and vice versa," Mr. Taylor said.
Next week on ABC: Al Sharpton produces a documentary on the history of Black-Jewish race relations.
Also on the subject: DovBear and JewishBlogmeister.
Check it out! (And I'm getting a little better...)

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  1. Hey Ezzie

    Ive actually enjoying your round ups. Quite helpful.
    But I agree, you can trim them down. For instance, your Orthomom round-up, I don't think you need to include so much of what she wrote.

  2. Ezzie, how'd you know I was a hockey fan?

    I can't remember the last time I scored 3 times in one day.

  3. HH - Thanks, you're right... But it was so funny! ;) Glad people are enjoying.

    MFM/S. - No problem, love your blog.

    Ze'ev - Hockey? What's that? Isn't that something Canadians do? (Respect for Ze'ev - dropping...)