Sunday, December 11, 2005

Avraham Fried "25" Concert - The Good & Amazing

(Check out the Intro, Ugly, and Bad here)

Though I just mentioned some serious issues with the concert, we had an amazing time. And here's why:
Pi Shnayim. (Literally, "Mouth of Two".) The duo was solid, not spectacular. They did a good, solid job; they got the crowd warmed up a bit; and they didn't make any mistakes that I noticed. They seemed a bit nervous, actually, but got over it just fine. Good job.

Ushers doing a good job. Little things are important. The ushers not only guided people quickly, they closed all the doors when it started and would only let people in when there was an usher there to guide them (by penlight) to their seats. This cut down on the walking and talking lost people, and knocked out a lot of the distractions. While this probably bothered a lot of people in line in the hallway, you know what? Come earlier next time.

The band. Though I did mention that they were too loud before, they did a great job overall. No mistakes, everything played extremely well, clearly well-practiced and very well arranged. No annoying showy musical solos, either, which was very nice. Also did a very good job of adjusting when needed, which I saw the leader do a few times - a couple quick hand signals, and everyone was on the same page, no problem.

Video clips. They showed a short video to break up the second set, where they asked people to name their favorite songs (and sing them!). It was cute, not overbearing or too stupid, and most importantly, was short enough that nobody got annoyed.
The 5 men from Dimona. Ohad Moskowitz brought with him 5 friends from Dimona - [black] Ethiopian men who had rhythm, funk, great voices and harmony, and nice moves. I think it shocked a lot of people, many of whom have inbred racism (and may not even realize it) that allows them to normally discount blacks as if they're somehow lower class.

...TO BE CONTINUED (I'm tired!)

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