Thursday, December 15, 2005

What's Your Favorite Post?

Does anyone have a favorite post of mine? I'm looking to send a post (maybe two) to the JIBs, but I really have no clue how to decide which posts I've written that are applicable to the JIBs are the best. I'm biased, I think they're all great. ;)

In all seriousness, there are a few in the "Best of SerandEz" to the left that are very good, but I haven't updated that in way too long. Okay, since I put it up (except to add the one that made the Wall Street Journal). Those are probably the best from the first couple of months of SerandEz, but the ones from the past few months are not in there. So, if y'all want to peruse the archives, that would be really cool... Let me know in the comments here which you think are the best. Thanks!

I should note that my favorites from the Best Of (that apply) are:
The Israelization of London, for its sharp point; Sharon the Genius?, because it turns conventional Jewish wisdom on its head - but makes so much sense, especially when backed up with this Analysis of Sharon's Speech to the UN; and Yom Kippur - Savoring Moments, for its appreciation.
Others I've liked since then:
Evil Among Us, about the soldier who opened fire on a Palestinian bus; We Can Only Pray and Sunrise, pictures; the first half of Treasuring Moments and the second half of Poker, Grandma, and Random Thoughts; what seems to have been an extremely popular post, Outing Bloggers; my jumping "forward" to the Israeli elections; and of course, most important in the J-Blogosphere, Welcome to the J-Blogosphere.

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