Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Terrible Day for Blogger

I'm sure I'm not the only one who notice Blogger, the host of millions of blogs (anything that has a .blogspot in it), was down for about 6 hours today. This was especially frustrating as a) I was really bored in the computer lab waiting for class and during class; and b) I thought the posts that were up were quite good. Please, scroll down and check them out - I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Now, on to Blogger: It's hard to complain about Blogger, as they're hosting all these sites for free, and storing tons of information for us. I'm a bit surprised that neither their home page (which was accessible) said anything about it, and it still hasn't mentioned it.

*UPDATE* As I'm writing this, I see that Mirty had different issues: She could access everything, but it was glitchy and posting earlier drafts of posts. Hm. I wonder if they even know what's wrong? Anyways, it seems to be okay for now... I hope so, anyway.

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