Thursday, December 15, 2005

Featured Post on Technorati...

Weird... I've never seen this before. I noticed I was getting a bunch of hits at once, so I checked where they're coming from. [correction: only the last 3 hits were from here, apparently just a lot of people are reading my blog at the same time. Cool! :) ] Apparently, I'm the latest to blog about the most-discussed news story right now, so I'm featured on the Technorati homepage. It's a cool feature... and fitting, as I titled my post: "Top Story of the Day" [and led with] ...or at least it should be.

The most-discussed news story right now is:

A Lack of Violence as Iraqis Vote to Choose New Government -

[IMG ] ...or at least it should be. Thankfully, most news sources are reporting on this well. Sources: OpinionJournal's Best of the Web (including Reuters and Washington Post ), The New York Times, and the most interesting of them all, Pajamas Media - which has full coverage from on-the-site bloggers live-blogging from Iraq. CNN doesn't have any coverage on their homepage, even in the headlines, as of now.