Thursday, December 15, 2005

War on King-Kong

(Hat tip: Holy Hyrax. Finally! :) )

There are many liberals complaining that conservatives are stupidly inventing a "War on Christmas" to put down liberals; well, here's an example of liberal stupidity, just for fun.

From Drudge, on the new Kong movie:
Is KING KONG racist? asks Jim Pinkerton in his Thursday NEWSDAY column.

"Lots of people say it is. And, if it is, why does the film keep getting remade? What does it say about us if the new KONG is a huge hit?"

Pinkerton writes: Any movie that features white people sailing off to the Third World to capture a giant ape and carry it back to the West for exploitation is going to be seen as a metaphor for colonialism and racism. That was true for the original in 1933 and for the two remakes: the campy one in 1976, and the latest, directed by Peter Jackson. (In addition, a KONG wannabe, MIGHTY JOE YOUNG, has been made twice.)

Movie reviewer David Edelstein, writing in SLATE, notes the "implicit racism of KING KONG - the implication that Kong stands for the black man brought in chains from a dark island (full of murderous primitive pagans) and with a penchant for skinny white blondes." Indeed, a GOOGLE search using the words "King Kong racism" yielded 490,000 hits.
Yes - Kong is a hit because everyone loves films that are racist and imply that black men are uncivilized natives that have a penchant for skinny white blondes. That's it, you got it.

Edelstein adds:
But if the movie is so loaded with race-charged imagery, why isn't it being protested? Why aren't we seeing pickets and boycotts? Perhaps it's because today, as people look around the world, they see that most political strife is, in fact, ethnic strife. Folks like to say that "diversity is our strength," and they resolve to fight racism, but every day's news reminds us that ethnic conflict lurks in the human heart.
Misters Pinkerton and Edelstein: Are you complete morons?!

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