Saturday, December 31, 2005

Blog Block

I have no clue what I want to blog about now. Sometimes, you're just stuck. I have been sitting at the computer on and off for a couple of hours, reading other blogs, listening to the Giants-Raiders game, checking my mail, putting my picks in late (I had posted the picks for today's games before Shabbos, but hadn't had time to put them all in), and reading what has happened in the world and to Lebron and the Cavs today. And while usually, something pops into my head or I see something that I want to write about, tonight... nothing. So now I'm just writing this rambling, random, stream-of-consciousness post about not having anything to write about - and yet, I can't bring myself to just STOP. :::sigh::: Okay, time to go take care of important things, like continuing my job search. Maybe, just maybe, I'll call Dell and give them what for (that manager's call I was expecting the past 2 weeks? Yeah, right. What a bunch of liars). Maybe I'll pay off some of our overdue bills and get some work done, because that's why I drove here from Monsey in the first place. Argh. Time for a break.

Oh yeah. The Cavs beat the Pistons, 97-84. :)

EDIT: Happy New Year, too!!