Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Air Marshals Kill Erratic Passenger


I actually saw this first on the Political Teen, but FoxNews is covering it now as well.

This is one of those sad, regrettable occurences, by the looks of it. Here's the Political Teen's succint explanation of what happened:

MIAMI (AP) — Shots were fired Wednesday from a federal air marshal’s gun on board an American Airlines jet that had landed at Miami International Airport, an official said. At least one person was wounded, according to broadcast reports.

A man with a bomb in his carry on threatened to pull a bomb out on the airplane. A team of air marshals then proceeded to surround the suspect. The suspect attempted to run away and was shot on the jet way. This was the first time an air marshal has discharged their weapon since 9/11.

UPDATE: FOX confirms that the 44-year old American suspect was shot and killed.

The sad part is in the update from Fox:
First discharge of weapon by air security services since 9/11

Federal agents shoot 44-year-old man claiming to have bomb at Miami airport; woman who appeared to be suspect's wife said he suffered from bipolar disorder, was off medication, sources say
Nevertheless, based on the little information currently available, it seems that the air marshals did act properly. (One report, which I cannot find, stated he reached into his bag as the air marshals pulled their guns. I'm still not sure if it was one marshal or more.)

UPDATE: It seems as if the plane was headed to Orlando, from Columbia.

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