Monday, December 05, 2005

Guest Post by Professor Justice: Holiday Correctness

Ezzie: A professor who wishes to remain anonymous has agreed to join SerandEz and contribute guest posts. He* is going by the pseudonym "Professor Justice". I will be doing only very slight editing, which he requested I do.

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Normally, this will appear on the bottom, but for today I am placing this on top: Professor Justice practices Criminal Law in New York, teaches trial advocacy, and is a Professor of Business Law.

I recently read about a member of the Auburn University Student Government Association, Laura Steele. Ms. Steele has grown tired of the relentless efforts of the PC Police to sanitize religious observance from society. Their latest manifestation? Use of the term “Christmas Tree” is deemed too offensive and “under‑inclusive.” In response to the lefties' latest demonstration of stupidity, Steele and other members of the SGA issued the following Resolution:
Whereas, a decorated tree is the traditional, historical symbol of Christmas;

and Whereas, the Christmas tree is a decorated tree celebrating and symbolizing the historical Christmas season;

and Whereas, a tree has historically been known as a Christmas Tree in the State of Alabama, the United States of America and around the world;

and Whereas, the tree has historically been known as a Christmas Tree on Auburn’s campus;

and Whereas, calling the tree a Christmas Tree preserves historical correctness and embraces religious diversity;

and Whereas, in pursuit of Auburn’s spirit of diversity and tolerance of differing ideals, the Student Government Association Student Senate maintains that traditional symbols, religious and otherwise should not be suppressed;

and Whereas, labeling a Christmas Tree as a “Holiday Tree” appears to be religiously intolerant toward those who celebrate Christmas;

and Whereas, the University Administration and the Student Government Association have promoted a spirit of diversity and religious tolerance on campus;

and Whereas, the name of the tree is not a legal issue rather an issue of preference and historicity;

and Whereas, even the display of a manger scene by a government body has been held to be constitutional to celebrate Christmas and its origins;

Therefore be it Resolved, that the Auburn University Student Government Association Student Senate recognizes the decorated tree on campus during the Christmas holiday season by its historical name of “Christmas Tree;”

and Therefore, Be it Further Resolved, that the decorated tree re‑labeled a “Holiday Tree” be properly reinstated with its original, historical, traditional, intended, and common title and identified for what it actually is, a “Christmas Tree.”
I applaud this resolution which is intended to protect the fabric of our great country: true political, religious and cultural diversity. I am an Orthodox Jew who lives in the unabashedly liberal city of New York. I shudder every time I either see or hear of liberals' pathetic attempts to sanitize our country from any participation or reference to G‑d, faith, morality, values, personal responsibility, and achievement. It leaves one to wonder whether their ostensible reliance on such “principles” as “inclusion,” “offensiveness,” and “insensitivity” are a subterfuge for their ulterior motive: Strict adherence and conformity to their religion of moral relativism which includes such righteous tenets as freedom of speech provided you think as they do; freedom of religious worship provided it is atheism; and personal responsibility for the consequences of your behavior - but not before all other possible sources to assign blame have been exhausted, and all excuses for not doing so have been invoked.

In my spare time (though I have very little of it after prosecuting criminals, teaching three classes per semester as an adjunct professor, and raising children), I have studied the concerns, motivations and intentions of the founding fathers. There is no doubt in my mind that everything they did, notwithstanding their disagreements, was with the same single objective in mind. They were terrified of a tyrannical government that would heavily tax them, prevent and intimidate their diversity of speech, and regulate or restrict religious observance. Hmm, I wonder what they would have thought about a “Holiday” Tree. My guess is probably the same thing that I think of a Chanukah “Bush.”

Wishing them continued success and support in accomplishing an arduous task. Though it often appears as though such efforts constitute the removal of a few drops of political correctness from a sea of liberalism, it's a start. Oh, and by the way, Merry Christmas and Happy (healthy and peaceful as well) New Year to my gentile bretheren!

Professor Justice
New York, NY

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