Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 2/14 & Israeli Bloggers' Public Service Announcement

ATTENTION ALL ISRAELI BLOGGERS: Jameel has identified the trouble, explaining why you cannot access your blogs!!!
The problem is ISP-based -- and one of the major service providers, Netvision, is having problems...
Apparently, the feed from the MuqataNet ISP Jameel uses is fine - and even includes a hilarious help-desk video. Perhaps he sabotaged Netvision to push his own views upon the blogosphere?! Is it any coincidence that IsraellyCool's homepage is showing up as a site?! More on this as it happens...

The Godol Hador's post, as mentioned below, has hit an unprecedented 527 comments in just over a day - and counting. This is - as far as I know - the 2nd most comments on a J-blog in J-blogging history; and it's not over yet. Will it surpass the all-time leader, a Jewlicious post about the Orthodox addressing PMS*?! We'll have to wait and see...

* Not what you think... though not much better

And now, back to our regularly scheduled roundup:

*Post of the Day*
Jameel asked for this coveted spot - and he deserves it, for his fascinating yet terrifying post about a Friday night @ The Muqata. (Yeah, so... I don't really listen to people's suggestions for post of the day - but he got lucky, and it was a great post.)
Oh - I'm skipping the numerous (excellent) Tu B'Shvat posts. SoccerDad, take note! :) Enjoy Haveil Havalim!

Show Your Support!
Bradley has pictures of a vandalized shul - in 2006, in Chicago. (via Irina) He's already contacted the ADL. Sickening. Anti-semitism is alive and well. As he said:
Hatred is not bound by space or time.
SoccerDad gets Instalanched (again)!!! Congrats!!

has a great cartoon, and it has nothing to do with politics! Tell him to keep it up in the comments.

AirTime does something very important - give him a congratulations.

Wish Mirty luck!

Meryl Yourish supports free press in Canada - as do I. Simple yet strong words at the end, and right on. That's the way it should always be done.
How to find a Rav (if you need one) at Beyond Tshuva.

"If you make it, they will come" - Mrs. Balabusta. Not my thing...!
JBM has a great chilling one... I wonder if it's true?
Orthomom is collecting the best Cheney shoots lawyer jokes. Heh.

Yeah, so I didn't know where to stick Robbie's "Odds 'n Ends". He claims he should've won the humor category, though, so... :)

Jack hijacks Stacey's blog (again)! I think he needs a good ol' fashioned Cleveland whooping...
RenReb has taste!
Check it out!

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  1. Actually, Ezzie, it is a coincidence.

    I transferred my domain to GoDaddy, due to problems with my old host. And now it takes 48 hours or so to resolve the new servers..or something. I did not realize it was going to happen when it did, hence no warning post.

    But thanks for noticing.:)

  2. Oh - funky. How could I not notice?!

    Meanwhile, I still think it's a Muqata plot. :)

  3. Obligatory "I'll show you where to stick it" joke.

  4. An old fashioned cleveland whooping means that for about three minutes you would think that you were really winning.

    Five minutes into it you would begin to wonder if maybe things weren't going so well and by ten minutes you would be suffering such a beating you would be begging for implementation of the cleveland mercy rule. ;)

    Ask Schottenheimer about Elway.

  5. Ezzie: Now you know why I'm anonymous. you think I want Netvision's goons coming after me? (or worse, Dave's??!!)

  6. Robbie - Heh. :)

    Jack - OUCH. Hilarious, but wrong - it's after about 59 minutes that we realize, "Crap, we're going to lose this..." (My Dad was at The Drive...)

    Jameel - Dave's are worse?! C'mon, they're Australian!!

  7. Ezzie: Yeah, and Aussies carry those wicked knives....(and sharpened boomerangs!)

  8. Oh, come on. They're all drunk anyway, and the boomerangs just come right back at them.

  9. Jack, Ezzie & I are going to open a can of Cleveland-Whoopass on you! Consider yourself forewarned!

  10. Sure Stace,

    Toothless and useless. Hee hee. That is a little too harsh. I'll let you hide behind Ezzie for a few minutes and when I finish pummeling him you'll wish that you were SN.

    cleveland crappers. Feh. ;)

  11. and here's the true story (I'm serious!) behind the blogger shutdown for some of us in Israel:

  12. Batya - already read it. :)

    Jack - Ha! We both know that a true Californian couldn't bear to do a thing, afraid they'll mess up their shirt and hair.

    I can already see Stacey facewashing you full of snow now...