Sunday, February 26, 2006

A New Level of Rude

Okay - this is going to be a mild rant, so excuse me...

I just received a phone call from a number in Minnesota, a number I saw was on the caller ID a few times over the weekend: (612) 307-5811. I answer the phone, thinking someone must really want to reach me, and the following is the "conversation":
Me: Hello?

Automated Voice: Please HOLD for a VERY IMPORTANT message. This is NOT a sales solicitation. Please hold for a few minutes until a representative can come to the phone. Th-

Are you freaking kidding me!?!? Let's see how many portions of this phone call were rude:
  • Calling me
  • on a Sunday afternoon
  • after having called multiple times over the weekend
  • from a non-(800) number.
  • Having an automoton with a message -
  • a poor automoton at that -
  • with an annoying message
  • that wants me to hold on
  • for a few minutes
  • to speak to some representative
  • without saying the name of the company
  • nor what it's all about
  • in a really loud recording.
13 gaffes in about 8 seconds. Not bad. Bunch of ********. [/rant]


  1. I know what you mean. My car finance company starts calling me at 9am the next morning after the payment is due (if I am a day late). And they call and leave a dozen messages on my answering machine... talk about convincing you NOT to do business with them again! They told me it was a proactive friendly reminder, and I told them that it was rude and obnoxious at best.

  2. Right - but at least in your case, you knew who it was and why they were calling. Here - neither.

  3. You're not on the national do-not-call list?

  4. I am, which makes it even stranger.

  5. There's a new do-not-call list for cellular phones. My rabbi was telling me about it. I don't know the number though, but it's now legal for them to call you until you tell them to stop. I get the same thing. It's very annoying. If I find out the number or the web site, I'll let you know. -Zoe

  6. Ugh! The worst. You don't even get to tell the person to make sure your name gets off their call list! Makes you feel so helpless and all the more annoyed, no?

  7. Whatever happened to the david lavon video?

  8. This completely irks me. THEY call YOU and then tell YOU to hold. What BS!

  9. Zoe - thanks! I'm on the cellphone do-not-call list already, though I can't remember how. This was actually my home phone.

    Ayelet - Exactly!! I never really linked to the Lavon video... perhaps I will if you're interested.

    Stacey - That was the biggest piss-off of the whole call. How DARE anyone call me, by MACHINE, and tell ME to HOLD!!! BS is right!

  10. OK, so, here's a really weird thing...I left my son home for a short while, when I was at the doctor. While I was gone, he got a "scary" phone call FROM THIS PHONE NUMBER!!! He said it sounded like a ghost screaming!

    What the heck?

  11. 612-307-5811 is Target - do you have a target credit card account? Or perhaps the person who used to have your phone number before you did had an account...

    I get that call from that same number, too!