Friday, February 10, 2006

And the Winners Are... (What Are YOU Reading Now?)

Yeah, yeah, I'm still catching up. But the JIB winners were announced, so check them out. A final thank you to Aussie Dave of IsraellyCool for all his hard work in this endeavor... I don't wish that job upon anyone. He did an amazing job, and while the winners weren't shocking - the big blogs tended to take the honors - there is a reason why they have such a large swath of readers, and I enjoy many of them myself.

I found a huge number of new blogs through the JIBs (some in my blogroll already, some not [yet?]), and I'm sure many of y'all did as well: What new blogs do you read now? And who here became a reader because of the JIBs?


  1. I'm reading MC Rebbe The Rapping Rabbi's blog, which is hillarious.