Sunday, February 05, 2006

On The Road...

So far, so good in the land of... SNOW. Of course: A beautiful winter, and the weekend we come to Cleveland, it snows a few inches in just a couple of hours. Wonderful.

I haven't had any time or even much access to a computer, so though I have much I could write about, it will just have to wait. Prof. Justice has a very good, funny, and interesting post which he wants to edit a bit but will hopefully go up soon, too.

It's been a great weekend so far in Cleveland. One very interesting aspect of our trip was visiting my grandmother at Menora Park (an incredible place for the eldery - I have never seen a nursing home as impressive in my life). She has boxes of old pictures - and I'm a huge fan of pictures. I was flipping through one of the boxes, and finding old pictures of us as kids, my parents when they were first married, or even her and my grandfather from when they were first married! Truly incredible.

Later, at my parents' house, I saw an old picture of my parents from when they were engaged - I had never seen a pre-married pic of them together in my life. Wow. Hopefully I'll get a shot of it and post it... It was a simple, candid shot of them sitting on a couch smiling at the camera, but it was just such a great shot.

Old pictures are simply wonderful.


  1. I love pictures also. My mom has some old pictures of my grandparents right after they were married and even some of my great-grandparents when they were much younger (with my grandmother when she was a little girl) and they are absolutely fascinating.

    Glad you are enjoying your travels - have fun!

  2. The one thing I really hate about going to my parent's house is the lack of internet access. I feel completely cut off from the rest of the world. Isn't that odd? When I come to NY, I feel cut off, and when I return to Wisconsin, I reconnect.

  3. We sure do have internet access! Where do you think Ezzie got his start!?

  4. Ezzie:

    Read a lot, but have not yet commented - glad you are a Cleveland fan. I enjoy your blog - keeps me up to date on a lot of things I don't have time for, but you do!! :-)

    I am a nut about pictures, old, new, not yet taken...I am a big scrapbooker, my husband tells me I have an addiction!

    Shavuah tov!

  5. I am obsessed with photographs, both old and new. It's a shame, I don't have too many photographs of my grandparents from when they were young, before they were married. I don't have ANY pictures of my parents together before they got married, because they got married after two dates (a month of dating). That was the quickest unarranged engagement I know! : D

  6. Old pictures are awesome! And so is Cleveland.

    I am so homesick now, Ezzie.

    I know Menorah Park well. Many of my elderly aunts and uncles have lived there. I used to volunteer there. It is truly a great facility.

    Glad you are having a good trip. I would love for you to post that picture of your parents or any of the other old pictures.

    Go to 2920 Hampshire and give the buckeye tree my uncle planted and that is now taller than the house a huge hug from me!!!

  7. Stacey,

    I thought that you said that you used to live in Menorah Village.

  8. Shoshana - Wow, that's waaay back. We have some old family portraits actually, from when my grandparents were kids or (usually) even earlier. But these were nice, candid shots, which made them that much cooler.

    PT - LOL! So true! It's not that we don't have access (like my Mom said), but there's less freedom to actually go and use the computer.

    EK - Glad to have you! Hope you'll keep returning! I'm a huge scrapbook planner - I keep every picture, planning on putting it into albums/scrapbooks... and then don't. But my grandmother made a great point this weekend, when we suggested putting pictures into albums: She'd rather have them in piles in boxes, so she can just flip through them. In some ways, that's true: Not every picture is so great, that it should take up space in an album - sometimes you just want to flip through until you get to the ones you really want to see.

    Irina - HA! You haven't met my charedi cousins! :)

    Stacey - Sorry for making you homesick. :( Menorah Park is really wonderful - that's great that you volunteered there. What did you do? I'm sorry, I didn't read all the comments until after I left Cleveland, but I doubt I could have hugged your tree... It was likely covered in snow. ;) And plenty more pics are coming!

    Xvi "16" - You?! A CYNIC!? Who knew? You're not the only one to only recently realize that: I remember when I finally asked my grandparents how they met... and started to hear about their own, interesting, lives. It was mind-blowing. They really did things, accomplished things, and had lives. Crazy.

    Jack, you're nuts. And we love it.

  9. You love that I am nuts, or you love the fact that you have left dreary old clevelan behind.