Monday, February 20, 2006

Need A Minyan?!

Now, you can find a minyan almost anywhere, anytime in the United States. A professor and a few students at Lander created Here's part of the original e-mail I received describing it:
Working together with national Jewish organizations we created
MinyanMaps so you can find minyanim for shuls across the country with a visual dynamic map. In addition you can access minyanim through text messaging and email.

Currently, we have 2000+ shuls in our database, througout the United States, plus we will soon be adding shuls in England. However, we only have minyan information for shuls in the Queens/Five Towns area, Manhattan and a select few other places. We are dependent on users of the site to update/add minyan information, as well as update/add shul information using the interface on our site.
So, they still need everyone's help. Please, go help and insert minyanim you know about that are not listed. The more minyanim listed, the easier it will be for people to find minyanim whenever, wherever - especially on trips, or when you need to catch a minyan other than the one you normally go to. Check it out, and add what you can. Thanks!


  1. Thank you for the link. I just added a few shuls and minyan times in my area. -Zoe

  2. I just blew the head gasket on my van. Pretty much a deathknell. When I saw your I thought it said "Need a Minivan?"

    Anyway, it's a great site and a great use of the internet.

  3. Zoe - Yiasher Kochacha.

    David - LOL!