Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Get Crackin'

It's time for me to get going on some work I need to get done, so here are a few blogs worth checking out that you probably haven't seen much of...
Ger Tzadik (Sorta): A man on the path of conversion to Orthodox Judaism. He just started the blog, but it should be fascinating.

Life in Israel: Analytical, thoughtful, insightful perspective on... well, the title. Truly excellent.

Greetings from the French Hill: A couple (Oleh Chadasha & Oleh Yashan), but mainly the wife, blogging about a bit of everything. I normally don't have the patience for longer posts, but those are the best ones on this blog - truly breaking down a topic while keeping things interesting.
Check them out!

Meanwhile, here's what I'm up to the next week and a half or so, including 2 trips - Cleveland & Los Angeles: (bring on the jokes, Jack & Stacey!) [Blogging will likely be lighter - ya know, like a normal person...]
TONIGHT/TOMORROW: Format, edit, and add (mostly charts) to 32 pages of material so it turns into a 50-page thesis someone can hand in to receive their Masters in Business Administration. I actually rather enjoy the topic (GDP, Dollar Valuation, & Dollar Depreciation), so this shouldn't be too bad.

FRIDAY: Fly to Cleveland for the weekend, visit Grandma!

FRIDAY NIGHT: Staying at a friend's brother in Beachwood, eating at another friend's (my chavrusa) parents with a number of others who are in for the same wedding.

Oneg after the meal at the shul for the friend who is getting married - should be great. He's the only friend of mine who was in the Hebrew Academy of Cleveland, WITS, OJ, and Lander with me, and I am good friends with everybody who will be there. (Heck, almost all have eaten at my apartment on a regular basis...)

SHABBOS: Aufruf, then meal with everybody at the shul. Re: the aufruf, he's 6'5, so it's not like he can avoid thrown items just by ducking... this should be fun. Re: the meal, I've schnorred food off him for 10 years, so why stop now?

MOTZEI SHABBOS: Hopefully, I'll find tickets (some other guys got already) - the Cavs and Lebron James host the Sixers and Allen Iverson at the "Q" - Quicken Loans Arena. Quick note on LBJ... Nov. 28 PPG/6 RPG/5 APG; Dec. 32/6/7; Jan. 33/8/8. Tonight, he started off February 26/11/10, a triple-double, on a terrible shooting night for him. Can he average a triple-double for a month?!

SUNDAY: Wedding, then SuperBowl XL! Hopefully, they won't overlap much (and yes, he's a jerk for scheduling his wedding at 2pm...). How many dumb XL commercials will there be? I'm trying to figure out what will be funnier - the commercials, or the shtick at this guy's wedding. Knowing the guys who are coming, and knowing the quality of Super Bowl commercials the last 5 years or so, the winner is: The guys, by a landslide. Bunch o' wackos. Of course, this means I'll likely miss the beginning of the Super Bowl. This may be a good thing, as I'm not all that thrilled with the matchup; knowing my luck, though, the best parts of the game will be early.

MONDAY: Fly back to New York.

TUESDAY: Fly early-morning to Los Angeles, via Atlanta (ouch). Meeting with a lot of people about one job that is really intriguing. Hopefully I'll have some time to spend with my sister-in-law's family as well... I know I'll have some free time there, but they're going to send me a more firm schedule later. Anyone want to meet up? I'm not sure I'll have a car, but I'll be all over the place...

WEDNESDAY: Same as Tuesday.

THURSDAY: See Wednesday - then flying back on the overnight flight to New York (direct, JetBlue, thank God), arriving Friday early morning.
Looking forward. So, who's going to say hello?


  1. 1) Good luck with managing that paper!
    2) What's aufruf and onegging?
    3)Have fun visiting your grandma and at the wedding!
    4) Good luck with the job prospects!
    5) Bring back logs of pics! : )

  2. OK, first off, you're insane for critiquing your friend for his wedding time. CLEARLY, he scheduled at such a time, that after becoming properly buzzed by the wedding, that could carry over to the game so your wife won't nag at you for drinking. And finally, if the velt remembers correctly, it's been 9.5 years, assuming 7th grade, when he was way cool by the way, is left out.

  3. 1) Thanks!

    2) An aufruf is - specifically - the bridegroom being called up to the Torah (called an "aliya") on the Shabbos before his wedding. In general, it's used to refer to that entire morning's davening (Are you going to the Mandel aufruf?), the kiddush following (I'm going to the Mandel aufruf later), or that whole Shabbos (I'm flying in for the aufruf). At most aufrufs, people throw candy at the bridegroom after his aliya.

    Oneg literally means something like "joy", like "Oneg Shabbos" is the "Joy of the Sabbath". In this context, it refers to having a little joyous post-meal get together, usually with plenty of singing, some words of Torah, and some food/candy.

    3) Oh, I will :)

    4) Thanks - this and another possibility are the two that are the most enticing, and we'd really be happy. The problem is deciding.

    5) Heh. Oh, I will... I'm a bit of a picture-taker; I took over 1,500 in 2 years in Israel, I think. Sadly, they're not on this computer. Another issue is I generally won't post pics of my friends without their permission, though I've made a couple exceptions. We'll see, I guess!

  4. LOL!! Shouldn't you be sleeping?!

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  6. thanks for the mention and the kind words!

  7. Ezzie,

    I am tough to pin down, but when you get to LA you can try emailing me and if things work we can grab a cup of coffee or something. If nothing else I can tell you where to disinfect the cleveland germs. ;)

  8. I think you should meet Jack in Cleveland instead of L.A. - better blog material...

  9. Rafi - No prob.

    Jack - Sounds great. Hopefully we'll get that chance...

    MCAryeh - LOL! True! But I think he avoids it like the plague... ;)

  10. Souns like a pretty hectic schedule, when are you ever going to find the time to email me and congratulate me on the Steelers' triumphant victory?

  11. David - Heh. :) I try not to congratulate Steeler wins, especially from Cleveland...

  12. MCA,

    cleveland would implode and then explode. It would be like an old Western when the new sheriff arrives in town. I'd clean that place up and the locals would be be lost. Unfortunately I don't have time to explain indoor plumbing and the finer points of hygiene. ;)

  13. You'd clean Cleveland up? What a joke.....spoken from the man who has spent his entire life living in a smoke-filled cesspool.

  14. What a joke.....spoken from the man who has spent his entire life living in a smoke-filled cesspool.

    There is a reason why cleveland is the butt of so many jokes.