Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 2/15: Time Off

Today Yesterday was quite the blogging day! It's days like this that may me take a step back, look at what I'm doing, and think: "Wow, I need a job..."

Okay, so I'm half-kidding. Yes, I do need a job (any accountants out there?), but honestly, I'm enjoying very much my first week without having to think about going to classes or really having to go much of anywhere. I do have some work I need to make up, and my GPA looks quite skewed for the time being until I do the work, but hopefully I'll take care of everything I need to before next Shabbos rolls around. *Hopefully* I'll have found a job by then... it is tax season, and I know some places keep deciding they need more employees, but as I don't officially graduate until June, I'm not the first resume picked out of the [massive] piles they have lying around.

Sigh... And now, on to the roundup: (after a 12 hour delay) (and then getting a bunch of long phone calls...geez)

*Post of the Day*
Chana discusses what whistleblowers can go through for speaking the truth. She wonders... are people really this evil?
Since we're talking about truth... Gil talks about seekers. Excellent sum up line.

Shoshana questions whether drunkedness shows the truth about someone or not.

Ze'ev the MK wanna-be wants to be open and honest about the Israeli elections (and he calls himself a politician?!) - and wants to know what he should talk about.
It's amazing what people pay for a picture. Orthomom notes that the people in them are none too thrilled.
Robbie reminisces from his childhood.
Batya muses about the death of the NRP. And she doesn't really care.
A pair of incredible posts (thanks Irina) - Sushi Kiddush on connecting to the past, and Moby Shtick on reflecting on the future.
AbbaGav, always hilarious, has a number of funny posts from the last couple of days. This one is the most original of them all, but be sure to check out the rest as well.

DovBear links to a The Daily Show clip, and to his surprise, I loved it.
Check it out!

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