Monday, February 20, 2006

A Bad Day...

Today has not been fun. I woke up, looked around, and realized - I couldn't open my right eye. It felt a bit bigger than it normally does. I woke up Serach and asked her if my eye was swollen - the answer, yes. This is a new one for me: I am not allergic to anything, but I suffer from allergic reactions. Usually, it means some random body part or other (tongue, hand, whatever) will swell up, I take an Allegra, and after a while, it goes away. I've taken an Allegra today, and it's working, but I'm still basically doing everything with one eye shut. I only came to the computer a couple of minutes ago because of it; it's pretty annoying to read and type with just one eye.

Anyway, not sure why I just wrote all this... hope y'all are accomplishing more than I am today.


  1. OOh... that's gotta be annoying. Feel better soon!

  2. How do you suffer from allergic reactions if you are not allergic to anything? I guess its just an east coast thing.

  3. Ezzie,

    You must be from cleveland. Stacey would say something like I am not allergic to anything but I just had an allergic reaction.

  4. Ezzie, were you sleeping with a wool blanket? Have you ever been to an allergist? They can do simple blood tests to determine allergens. You are definitely allergic to something.

    Benadryl works well on swelling.

    P.S. to Jack: Beware of the Snowball Squad. We will hunt your warm-blooded butt down and throw snowballs where the sun don't shine! hee hee

  5. To everyone: I *have* been to an allergist, and he is the one who said, very clearly: You are NOT allergic to anything - but you have allergic reactions. :)

    His words: "I know it sounds weird, but it's actually quite common. All you can do is take the Allegra or stab yourself with this Epipen." "Does it hurt?" "$%^* yeah, it hurts! Take the Allegra, and hope it works."

    So, sorry - no wool blankets, no weird foods, nothing out of the ordinary at all. I can usually tell in advance when I'm going to get one (and where); this time, I just thought my eye hurt because I was tired or something.

    HH - LOL.

    Jack - Watch it! What Stacey said!

    Stacey - Benadryl makes me drowsy, which I hate. Allegra works wonders.

    We have one problem - the sun does shine in Los Angeles, as I discovered while scouting it out for the Snowball Squad a couple weeks ago. This would be a problem for snow. We may have to kidnap Jack and bring him back to the burning river, where he can experience true whitewash while watching water burn. :)