Thursday, February 02, 2006

Making Fun of Other Bloggers

I have to note this - and I apologize in advance to the blogger I'm making fun of. I wrote a post a few days ago which I thought was quite original, and was very proud of it. Another blogger linked to it, thinking it was a very good post as well, which was quite flattering. The post was about Hamas' win, and the blogger who linked to it was doing a roundup of some of the posts around the blogosphere that discussed it. The only problem: He missed the fine print, which explained what about the post was so original:
What's "different" about this post? There is nothing original in this post - but the way in which it was put together. This post was compiled by combining quotes from many other posts*, with very slight editing in spots. Please let me know what you think in the comments. Thanks.

* Each period and some other punctuation marks are the links. Perhaps later I will list all the sources.

Now, this doesn't really seem like such a big deal - after all, it was definitely hard to tell that the post wasn't original material if you didn't read the fine print. What was funny was... well, I'll just let him say it himself:
SerandEz sums up the problem nicely
The problem isn't Fatah or Hamas, the problem is the people who elected them.
UPDATE: Whoops. This is very embarrassing. An unnamed person didn't realize that SerandEz had skillfully blended together sentences from several different sources and linke them in the punctuation. He also didn't read the fine print on SerandEz's post saying that this was the case. Finally, said, unnamed person, didn't realize why he liked the quote so much: It was his own! Unnamed person is very embarrassed.
Heh. I'm sorry - this was too much to resist. ;)


  1. No problem. It was self-inflicted. Besides it's another link!
    The problem with blogging at 3:30 AM, you can really make a fool of yourself. :-)

  2. LOL, that's a great story! : ) Well, the post was good, and so was the quote, either way! : D

  3. The problem with blogging at 3:30 AM, you can really make a fool of yourself.

    Notice the timestamp on this post... :)

  4. I was about to write 4 AM. And I know that you generally blog at ungodly hours. So I took a second look.

    It reminds me of something that happened to me a couple of years ago. I get Parsha question from my parents' Rabbi and e-mail them out. (My father scans them and e-mails them to me; I have a list for further distribution.) So one Friday morning I send it out about 4 am and get a quick acknowledgement.

    I e-mail back something to the effect of "I see I'm not the only nutcase up at this hour."

    When I saw the guy from the list on Shabbos, he told me that he had inadvertantly forwarded my second e-mail to his e-mail list instead of the Parsha questions.