Monday, February 20, 2006

The Banned Google Video

Apparently, it is impossible to see this video in the United States. (Click on the title link to see...) I'm not sure why, though it seems to be the submitter who didn't want it to be, but I have a feeling that it might work if I embed the video into a post - so let's see!

: Well, it works. This is a detonation of a weapons cache in Iraq by coalition troops, using a few satchels of C4. Impressive display.


  1. ooooooh... you're goin' to jail now...

  2. The coolest part is how the sound comes a good few milliseconds after the vision of the explosion (y'know, that whole lightening/thunder thing...). I'm a science geek besides being a grammarian. How did you come across this? Don't tell me you monitor Google Video for any new videos coming in. Because if you do, we gotta' get you some professional help, man! Were those soldiers serious about the marshmallows or were they being facetious? Also you gotta' teach me how to imbed a video like this. Can you do it from clipshack? Also, what happened to lavon's fabulous "yehai" video? I tried to show it to someone but I can't locate it.

  3. How is it that you don't get SPAM without word verification?

  4. Rafi - Yep :)

    Robbie - Heh. Ya never know...

    Ayelet - I probably don't get much because my comments are in a popup box. For some reason, no matter what, the word verification I put in is always wrong the first try (or two), so I turned it off. I got a couple spam comments, but deleted them, and haven't had since.

    I noticed the delay in sound too. :)

    I found it on Instapundit (hence the link...), and all Google videos now have a "Put on Site" option. You just copy and paste it into the HTML, ignore the errors when you hit publish, and voila!

  5. Okay, so what was the significance of this? -Zoe

  6. Well, nothing, really. I was wondering, so I wanted to see the clip. It happens to be a cool clip.

    The problem was simple: People were wondering why a Google video would be censored in this country. The answer, discovered after a bit, was that the person who submitted the video wanted it to be that way. I was merely showing how it could be seen here anyway.