Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Have a Danish!

I don't have much to say on the whole Danish vs. Muslim world stupidity, as the whole concept just boggles the mind - not that it's surprising, just that it's the same sheer stupidity all over again. I like how Holy Hyrax put it over at On the Main Line:
But you know, the original cartoon had a picture of Muhamod with a bomb as a turban, I guess symbolizing their destructive nature. Does anyone else here feel that all these rioting and now this news from Iran has somewhat proved that cartoon correct.?
Or, as Mississippi Fred said:
Grow up.
Apparently, I'm not the only one who thinks this isn't shocking - see Yaakov Kirschen's Dry Bones strip on the subject. I saw another great strip on the subject by a Canadian comic blogger, but alas, I cannot find it.
EDIT: Israelly Cool has it, but doesn't have the original link... so I'm inserting the strip. If anyone knows whose it is, please let me know.

It's pathetic and despicable that the Muslims are responding to a stupid cartoon with violence and rioting. Notice how the Joint Chiefs of the United States reacted to a poor comic last week: By writing a letter to the Washington Post denouncing the strip and asking for an apology. Now, when people think about that strip, they also think of the fact that the Joint Chiefs all got together (rare) and drafted a letter to complain about it, which tells you just how distasteful the strip was. With the Muslims, you think, "Hey, this comic strip says that Muslims are a religion of violence! And they're protesting it... with violence. Hmmm..."



  1. It's pathetic and despicable that the Muslims are responding to a stupid cartoon with violence and rioting.

    I agree.

  2. It's anything but pathetic. The only thing that was pathetic, was the excuse the used. The whole thing is very well oranized and planned to pursue political goals, and as Irina from the ingnoble experiment said, it looks like the riots in France are also from the same large scheme.

  3. Woland, I completely agree with you. It has the makings and trademark of a planned attack, alla Intifada II in Israel. It seems all these people were looking for was the excuse to do this. The Danish cartoons weren't the cause. They were just the excuse.

    Ez, the original site of the cartoon is:


  4. All a pretext to rag on the Jews. We've seen this before.

  5. My only question is... how the heck to we get dragged into every conflict between the xtians and the muslims... do we have a crusade complex or something?

  6. OC - Thanks for the link...

    Great comments all.