Monday, February 27, 2006

Don't Run, Hillary!

(Hat tip: Life of Rubin)

This is one of the best editorials I've read in a while. It seems to be from either a moderate Democrat or independent, and it is fabulous. It essentially says that which many Republicans and Democrats have been saying for a while - but in a far better fashion, a letter to Hillary Clinton. The letter asks her to not run in the 2008 Presidential elections - while she is assured of winning the Democratic nomination, she is almost as equally assured of losing the election. The destruction the Democratic Party will face is not good for them, nor Republicans. A terribly weak opposition party generally results in complacency among the incumbents. Read the whole thing.


  1. I'm not sure yet if it would be good or bad for her to run - I wonder if it would be the right push in the end.

    I'm also very curious to see where things go in the midterms, with the approval ratings of the White House sinking faster than a Fema Trailer in New Orleans.

    I'm predicting that the next two years will show a Democratic revival in which a moderate or two will emerge as the champion of the party and will take the reins. Hilary will be around to keep the honesty in check, but I wouldn't be shocked if she waited a few more terms until she and Obama could become a power house of a ticket.

    (And on that day, the Lord will be one and God's name one.)

  2. Sorry, Robbie - the approval ratings have been slowly rising for a couple months now.

    It is impossible for a moderate to survive the onslaught of the Kos wing of the party: Too much of the party is too heavily invested in outright hatred of anything Bush and to the extreme left for a moderate to have a voice. It's a polarized party, and I wouldn't be surprised to see a split in the party after these midterms.

  3. See! You're playing the numbers game as you sneaky conservatives tend to do.

    I suppose if all you do is watch Fox News, Bush can do no wrong.

    But I suppose "steadily rising" to 40% is good, when previously only 30% of the country had approved of your job.

  4. And your definiting of moderate and my definition are probably two very different things...

    ('cause here I thought Hilary was pretty close to being one)

  5. Robbie, try not to choke on DovBear's Kool-Aid.

    If Hillary is a moderate than Teddy and J. Kiddy are compassionate conservatives. (that's Kerry by the way, a new name I gave him)

  6. its convincing argument
    but theres plenty of things that can be said logically to the contrary

  7. There is no way she can win. Even I, who really, really don't like Bill have to admit that he is a smooth and charming guy. He had a warmth to him that many people related to. The same (Liberals look away) warmth and "Everyman" type feel George W has.

    The Likeablity factor is huge in these things.

  8. I (a liberal Dem) really hope she's not the nominee. No way can she win the general election. Half the country already hates her, she's a woman, her health care things totally failed, Bill's adultery makes her look weak, and she has no charisma.

    It is impossible for a moderate to survive the onslaught of the Kos wing of the party

    Ha! The "Kos wing" of the party did nothing but pump up Dean until actual voters got ahold of him. After that, they did nothing except throw money at I don't remember them campaigning against Wes Clark and no way is he a liberal. Of course, nobody really needed to campaign against him.

  9. I just really hope the Dems can stop nominating brainy nerds. The people want a leader, not a policy wonk.

  10. Robbie - Yep, us sneaky conservatives. :) He's up near (over?) 50%. Hillary, moderate?! HA! I'm about to post about something she said today...

    Chaim - JKiddy?!

    There is no way she can win. James Taranto, no fan of Clinton, wrote a piece about just how charismatic and endearing Bill is; Hillary is nowhere near that.

    JA - Granted, but you don't think Kerry's being in Dean's shadow for a few months hurt him in the general election? Plus, he had to swing further left to accomodate that Kos wing.

    And your last line was HILARIOUS.

  11. LOL - I saw that immediately after posting that comment... the ports thing did it. However, it just shows how fickle the US public is, and why polls like this are worthless.

  12. Waah waah waah. Always an excuse with you folks, isn't it?

  13. No excuse - he deserved the hit. I just think that it's meaningless. "His support is at an all time low!!" - So? Is he running for office? Is he pushing any bills through today? I don't think so.