Thursday, February 23, 2006

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 2/23: Happy J-Blogosphere

Today was a wonderful day in the J-Blogosphere. There is only one way to describe the mood: Happy. Almost every blog I visited had a good, fun, entertaining discussion or post on it. People generally seemed to be having a good time, even when disagreeing. I laughed more today reading different blogs than I had in a long time, and I almost always have a good time. Thank you everyone for making it an enjoyable day. Was it this post by SIL that did it? I never heard it until yesterday, though apparently many others have - and yet, they kindly linked to it anyway. Glad you all enjoyed!

One reason I pointed out the joy all around is that this was not all that evident the past few days. People were (and are) questioning the status of the J-blogosphere, from the latest fake flame war (still enjoyable) to other typical questions. I'll admit, I was one of them, until a comment Chana made reminded me what I enjoy - and then today was so much fun. So Mirty, Orthomom, Robbie, whomever... chins up. Maybe it's just hitting another stage. :)

Since I seem to have picked up a number of new readers lately (very flattering, thank you), I should remind everyone a bit about these roundups... Please, always feel free to e-mail me posts that you think should be included! This doesn't mean every post you write, but ones you think are particularly good or could use people's input. For examples, just read a typical roundup. They can be your own, someone else's... whatever. This doesn't mean it will get in, but it gives it a much better shot. I thoroughly enjoy reading good posts, and have no problem linking to them, so... why not?

Another point worth noting: I'm not sure how many posts I link to per roundup, but it probably is usually around 15 posts. Some are short, some are long, some are funny, some are important. Obviously, everybody has their own interests, which is why I usually make categories and write a short line about the post without 'giving it away', so to speak - without ruining the enjoyment involved in reading it. Now think: I read probably anywhere from 50 to 100 posts or so a day, and link to about 15. Take your time and read them! Heck, you can even comment. You may not be interested in all of them, but at least a few will likely be up your alley. The more people see that these roundups actually send them readers, the more likely they are to read the posts in them as well - which means your next linked post will get a lot more readers.

And now, on to the roundup, which will be a bit random (and longer, after my '15 post' shpiel) today - but it's a really fun one. It's late, so excuse the disorganization. Oh - one last note - I very rarely link to my own posts in the roundups, but I do write myself too! :) You're welcome to read those, too.

*Post of the Day*
Treppenwitz talks about an amazing teacher.
Trep barely beat this: I've rarely seen humor utilized to make a point so brilliantly. Amazing, AbbaGav.

LamedZayin has another smashing cartoon.

Orthomom has a rap-off video between... a lesbian and a Chasid. Guess who won?

PsychoToddler doesn't want his apparently equally psycho wife with a gun. Meanwhile, he's making a siyum. Mazel Tov!!
Cruisin' Mom wonders about comments, and why she's sometimes the last to say something.

TorontoPearl (who has a cool new pic) says she sometimes doesn't know what to say - all she can do is pray.

Shira tells us how to act when someone has a seizure (God forbid). Thank you.

GH discusses the visit to (Modern Orthodox) Teaneck by three distinguished Ultra-Orthodox Rabbis. S. has an ad for three MO Rabbis visiting Lakewood, too. Ha!
Elder of Ziyon is discussing the limits of free speech, as are the Jesters, who are also discussing whether anyone cares about the pain a murderer has when they get executed. Interestingly, more Jews seem to be less-than-thrilled with the ruling that a Holocaust denier go to jail than others from what I've seen online.
Classmate is proudly Wearing his Yarmulke. Best line of the day.

GerTzadik says how to bother someone who's converting.
Irina is looking for some color in her house.

Yaakov Mencken is Cross at those who confuse smart business sense with pressure. He's right.

Jameel notes who else is thinking about aliyah, while LifeInIsrael notes an 'only in Israel' defense that could be used in court there. Hilarious. Olah Chadasha is chilled but not laughing about what's changed for her, while IfYouWillIt is adjusting nicely.
LabRab is making some close encounters with other bloggers and their kin.

Romach updates the developing Dubai port story.


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  1. Thanks Ezzie, I appreciate the work you do promoting JBlogs, among them my own.

  2. another great roundup.. especially the video of the rap contest..

    Thanks for the work that goes into it..

  3. Thank you, Ezzie, for the mention...about that post in particular.

    I think we all know someone or other who has infertility issues, and hopefully my words -- along with reading Ten Li Koach's words -- will add some needed sensitivity to the matter.

    Glad you like the new pic.

  4. linked me again...You like me, you really, really like me!
    (you are now a daily read for me!)

  5. Thanks for the link! You were right - it was a very uplifting bunch of posts! : )

  6. Gavriel - my pleasure. You're quickly becoming a favorite: Hilarious and smart writing.

    Rafi - thank OM, not me... :)

    TP - I had similar but different issues when being menachem avel to a friend whose mother was killed in a car accident (the Keren Devorah link on the side). It's rough.

    CM - You're a fun read!

    GT - Heh. :) Gotta love those colors... I think it makes it easier to read and for people to find blogs they're starting to like. I've gotten pretty quick at doing it, thank God. I don't expect links - a blog like yours will almost never link out, simply because it's such a different topic. I'm linking to every topic, so that's very different.

    Irina - Thanks! Glad someone else thought so too.