Friday, February 10, 2006

Coming Soon...

Stuff that might be going up here soon:
  • My trip - a short recap, with almost every detail omitted.
  • Prof. Justice's "State of the Obstructocrats", the edited version. Sorry about the mistake - I was on the road, put up an old, unedited, mistake-filled version.
  • Answers to some of Croaky's points in the comments on the aforementioned post. (maybe)
  • Fixing up this template - again. People have been complaining about slow load times - again. I actually wasn't having a problem, until I got home today. I have to check what's going on. Sorry for the inconvenience... hey, Blogger is free, ya know?
  • Making fun of DovBear. Just because. (No, this has NOTHING to do with being left out of his HOF...)
  • Pictures!!
  • Oh yeah, actual posts with content...
...and more!

I will restart the roundups in all likelihood next Monday, after I've caught up on whatever I want to read.

Clarification: I am Ezzie, and my wife is Serach, and together we are SerandEz. I am NOT either SIL or Professor Justice. They are wonderful contributors to this blog, and I am looking to - and hoping to (ahem!!) - add more contributors in the future.

I am also a contributor on Our Kids Speak, which you should all check out every day. It's probably the "happiest" blog out there.