Sunday, February 12, 2006


I was on the phone with my brother earlier, who was contemplating whether or not to drive to yeshiva today due to the snow. He was asking whether or not I could see any parking spaces, as I live across from his yeshiva. I couldn't, but I did see this beautiful sight:

It's rare in New York (or at least rarer than it should be), which is why it's so nice to see. Too many New Yorkers have this attitude that snow is a terrible thing that paralyzes the city and their lives. While many are wise enough to take the opportunity to spend time with their children, not enough do so in the snow, which is one of the most fun times for a child to play outside. As one friend noted to me about an hour ago,
"New Yorkers are a bunch of pansies.

'Oh my gosh!! Snow!! How can you go outside?!!?'

'Shut up and put a hood on. It's really not that big of a deal.'
It's nice to see that at least some NY mothers are smart enough to send their kids out, rather than in, for the snow. Maybe their non-NY friends, such as SIL, rubbed off on them? ;) Who knows?

Enjoy the snow! If you're in New Yawk, how are y'all spending the day?

Oh yeah - so far, everyone I've spoken to agrees: It's a lot nicer when the snow shuts everything down. :)

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  1. Exactly! My friends and I all did, too. (There's not much choice in Cleveland.)

  2. I still have not figured out why the timestamps on my computer are 5 minutes behind everybody else...

  3. I used to play in the snow all the time when I was a child. And I was only the better for it! : )

  4. Did you stomp out E-Z-Z-I-E in the snow like you used to do when you were a child?

  5. LOL!!! :) No, didn't go out there to play in it myself. But that's a thought...

  6. My pictures are ready! Take a look! : )

  7. Those of us who are not so comfortable in the snow (that's what happens when you grow up in Alabama) got our friends from Michigan to drive us around and go to a movie in which we were the only ones there. It's fun when I don't have to be the one to deal with it!

  8. Paula and I both love snow. And we don't let it get in the way of what we want to do. Those of you NYers who stayed home today missed two fabulous shiurim at Yeshiva University's Sunday morning learning program, by Rabbis Meir Goldwicht and Herschel Schachter. There were only about 30 people in attendance; for the first time they combined the womens and mens programs in one room. Unfortunately they postponed the opening of the SOY Seforim Sale so we didn't get to lose our entire disposable income for the month. ;-)

  9. What is with this weather? Last week I was practically tanning and on Thursday its going to be in the 50's. Does anyone know if Osama has a weather machine? I could so see him in his cave screaming "Haha! You Americans think you know the weather? Take that you infidels!"

  10. This Sunday I felt like a kid. I teach a course at a local college at the worst possible time of the week: Sunday 1-4 pm. What a weekend killer!

    When I was notified that classes were cancelled I felt like I was 8 yrs old again.

    My 9 year old son played tackle football in the snow with his friends and helped me shovel a friend's walk. My oldest daughter and I took a long walk in the snow and all of my kids ('cept the baby who ran around the house exclaiming "it nowing,it nowing") went sledding.

    Post-sledding meant hot chocolate with mini marshmellows followed by a pizza party and Tu B'Shvat party with friends.

    As my five year old daughter said this morning "Yesterday was a good day".

  11. BTW Ezzie,

    If you keep taking pics of other people's kids, you're going to be needing Prof. Justice's assistance in court!

  12. Baltimore is so bad about the snow shutting everything down. No kosher restaurants were open on Sat nite! I didn't leave my house the entire day yesterday :)

  13. You New Yorkers should enjoy it and remember it.

  14. Shoshana - Heh. Smart. :)

    Charlie - Buying all of Gil's books?!

    David - That's cute! And don't worry, they'll never know...! ;)

    Sara - Another reason to make fun of Balto. :) (Even though I'm a fan.)

    PT - Hey! I am NOT a NYer! Hmph.

    Shua - LOL! People - These are my friends...