Monday, February 06, 2006

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 2/6... probably not going to happen. I'm way too far behind, so I'll probably re-start from today or just wait until I get back from Los Angeles. In its place, here are a few blogs worth checking out:

Longtime Orthomom and recent SerandEz commenter Sephardi Lady has opened a blog of her own, titled "Orthonomics." Since I'm quite familiar with what she's talking about, I'm really enjoying it so far. Check out her first post:
I decided that it was time to give blogging a try and express my ideas and concerns about some of the hot button issues in the Orthodox Jewish community. Since I have a financial background and tend to comment a lot on economic issues, I figured it would be fun to choose a blog that reflected that concern of mine.
See her other posts on what $500 means, and the NY State Tax Credit and its impact on the OJ community. You don't need to know any economics to understand her - she's quite the teacher.

WestBankMama is exactly what her name suggests, and often points out the little stories that often escape attention - such as why a certain hill is so darn important. She's a great commenter on a number of Israel blogs as well, making strong points all the time.

Daled Amos is always sharp, constructing ideas and thoughts very well, and putting together points others have made into an even better one. He throws in some fun, too, such as dating lessons he learned.

Though I've linked to him in the past, Rafi G of Life in Israel continues to pour out great posts, one after another - including this one on a seminary girl who got married. This is a concept that has always bothered me, and perhaps I'll write about it myself in the near future. Suffice it to say that I have always been willing to sacrifice that which was less important (grades) for that which was more important (life) as was necessary - and it has never been to my detriment. I actually just wrote an essay about this for school... perhaps I'll cut out the literary portions and make a post about it. Rafi G also has another blog, Torah Thoughts, which includes short commentaries on the week's Torah portion.

And, of course, there's the Awesomely Long List of Ortho-Blogs, which was recently updated and lists many hundreds of J-blogs.



  1. That list of blogs incorrectly characterizes a number of blogs as being written by Orthodox MOTs.

  2. I know, that's why I said J-blogs. It's still a great listing.

  3. Thanks for the link and the compliment!

  4. Thanks for the plug. I changed by blog template and am trying to re-establish the links I lost.