Friday, February 24, 2006

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 2/24: Kindness Over Money

I don't watch very many TV shows, but I do enjoy watching American Idol, in particular from this point and on. The show is in the process of narrowing the field of a dozen guys and dozen girls down to a Final 12, and most of the talent is quite good. But it was something that happened tonight that really stuck out at me, and I was very impressed.

Every Thursday, they eliminate those who received the least votes that week for their performances. This week, that meant 2 guys and 2 girls were to be sent home from their dream. The elimination process is quite long and excruciating, meant to draw in as many viewers as possible - often taking a commercial break right before announcing who is to be eliminated. As it is a live show, this translates into a couple of contestants standing and waiting anxiously to find out if their dreams can continue.

Tonight, there was one contestant who seemed simply saddened. She had sung her heart out the night before, but she is a trained opera-style singer and had trouble trying a different genre. When she finished, the judges pointed this out clearly, and it seemed clear she would not get the votes across the country. As the host, Ryan Seacrest, was telling groups of contestants to remain sitting because they were safe, he finally called on this girl and another one to 'please walk to the middle of the stage' as is normally the case, where one is eventually told that their journey has ended. But Seacrest took one look at this sad girl, walking head down to the middle next to her friend, and said to the friend, "You know what, please sit down, you're safe." Rather than drag it out for television, he took the high road so as to shorten the pain she was sure to meet. I don't think he was supposed to do so, and it was an impressive display of derech eretz (proper conduct).

And now, on to the roundup:

In case you didn't know, I took the controls of Robbie's blog and wrote a post. Hehehehe... :)

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Check it out!

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  1. I posted a different type of derech eretz comment on my blog today.

  2. Hi Ezzie: I'm an American Idol addict too. That was unusual what Ryan Seacrest did. I've always thought it cruel the way they break to commercial before announcing...oh well. I will say, America got it right...those where the people who needed to leave. Now, are you as big of an ACE fan as I am?!!!

  3. Ayla Brown all the way! I know her, she's great, she's modest, she's talented, she's hard working! Give her the crown!

    If Ayla can't win, I also like Lisa Tucker, Katherine McPhee, Taylor Hicks, and Chris Daughtry.

    Sad to see hot, Maxim-posing, Becky O'Donohue go, but at least we have hot, awkward Kellie Pickler still around.

  4. Charlie - haven't really had time to read anyone yet today... :(

    CM - Ha. I think that the female vote will go his way often...he's got a decent voice. I'm not sure who I really like yet, though the2 young black girls were incredible, the last girl who sang was awesome, and a few of the guys were very good too. It wasn't too hard to guess which 4 would be leaving, either.

    Croaky - LOL.

  5. Thanks for the link! : )Those posts on parenting were really sad, though... I don't know what to say.

  6. shavua tov :)
    it's painful enough to sit and watch those shows sometimes so it's nice to hear that it's possible for them to make it less harsh for the contestants.
    (not that we'll actually get that series aired here in australia for a while, if at all. and we have our own aussie idol show anyway!)

  7. australian idol is pretty much the same, different judges though and different hosts. but because it's a local version of the show there's much more hype. there's been some really good talent that's been on and done well from it too.