Friday, February 24, 2006

Demographics of SerandEz

NOTE: I'm going to leave this post at the top for a day or so, so please scroll down for the latest!

Gil did this a couple of days ago, and I thought it was interesting. Hitting 50,000 (thanks!) made me wonder, "How the heck did that happen? Who are these people?!" So... I'd love to know who y'all are.

Now, I understand that many (most?) people are not really interested in divulging any info, but perhaps you can be coaxed into telling some basics, such as: Age, where you're from, what you do... Basically, the same stuff you'd say in the first 30 seconds of a typical introduction to someone you've just met. Unlike Gil, I've always been under the impression that there are 2 groups of readers here: College/graduate school students in their 20's, and working folks in their late 30's/early 40's.* There are a few in between, and a few a bit older, but those are the biggest groups. Am I right?

And, while you're pondering those difficult questions, feel free to stick a pin in the SerandEz Frappr map (thanks Jack!). Don't be shy, say hi!

* Okay, so StatCounter helped. And I can probably guess what a lot of you do for a living from it, too: Apparently, blogging from your workplace pays well these days...


  1. OK, you already know me, but I'll be the first to step foward. From my name, you can tell that I'm a chick. I'm 23, married, and currently live in Jerusalem. I made Aliyah last December (of '04), through Nefesh B'Nefesh's Express Aliyah program. I was one of the guinea pigs. I love them!!! Anyone interested in making Aliyah should definitely go through them! Ummm... I am currently a full-time Grad student at Hebrew U. I'm doing Israeli Society and Politics, but afterwards I'll be going for, either, Criminology or Forensic Psychology. I'm originally from Michigan, and I went to Stern College for Knowledge but failed to get my MRS. I don't have a job at the moment, but next month I will be starting a job as a teacher teaching English to foreign professionals. As long as it pays the bills, right?

    OK, how was that?

  2. I live in Toronto's suburbs. Am a native Torontonian, MO, 44, wife, mom to 3 kids (10, 8 and 6), work in the production side of the publishing industry and write & publish poetry and fiction on the side. Oh, and am also a mom to a puppy named Max, aka child # 4.

  3. 33, work in Finance

  4. Married mom to 3 gorgeous children, SLP-CCC (that's speech therapist for the uninitiated), live in Kew Gardens Hills, hubbie is giving shiur in a Brooklyn high school and working towards his rabbinical ordination (smicha), born in Jerusalem, did I mention 3 gorgeous kids?, love to write, sing, act, dance, read, learn new things, listen to music, eat chocolate, eat almost anything actually ;). And blogging takes up way to much of my very limited time!

  5. Oops, forgot to say I'm just a bit shy of 28 years old.

  6. I am 78 years old and a retired General in the USPS. I blog for fun and because it is easy way to meet hot senior citizens.

  7. I'm from Cleveland and I'm Ezzie's mother. I started sending him Best of the Web when he was in Israel and I take full credit for all his blogging success!

  8. Mid 40's, New England, single dad, geek ... and it's great that your mom takes an interest.

  9. 48, married male, in computers, currently living in NY metro area

  10. I'm one of the "old ones" that reads you Ezzie, probably older than your mom...but you did leave some nice commments on my blog. And I'm impressed at the interest and viewpoints you have at such a young age. I'm 50, wife and mom. Let's just say I work in the psychology industry.

  11. by the way...Yay for mom, who started you on your blogging.

  12. Crusin Mom,

    Boy, you are old, but still much younger than I.

  13. 24 Graphic Designer.
    Australian :)
    Only discovered blog-world this year, enjoy it muchly!

  14. 56, Oklahoma, Not Jewish.

    I dont know how I found you and I dont know how to make it stop.

  15. Jack, I guess you could say i'm one of those "hot seniors"!
    Ezzie: forgot to say I'm from L.A.

  16. 21, Graphic Designer (and other work), Living in Jerusalem. Found the blogsphere when researching before I made aliya, around the time of last year's JIB's and decided to join in.

  17. 19 at Columbia University

  18. This thread is suffering from Graphic Designer overload.

  19. 48 y.o. biostatistician (yes I can lie with statistics, but I prefer to tell the truth), married 1 yr to a 45 y.o. family physician, living in the Bronx. I disagree with Ezzie on most political issues but we still get along. :-)

    Hmmmm....maybe we better start fighting. If all Jews who disagree actually got along, mashiach would come, and we can't allow THAT!....

  20. I'm 20 years old, unmarried, living with my parents in Brooklyn, NY. I'm a double major in International/Intercultural Studies and Middle East Studies at Fordham College@ Lincoln Center, set to graduate in May. I'm going to law school in the fall. Very conservative, very Zionist, etc.

  21. Mid 40's mother who lives in the Shomron. Found your blog through Haveil-Havalim.

  22. Oh we were supposed to say how we found you too? I don't remember really... I think you found me and I've been faithfully reading every since that point.

  23. Ezzie: Roughly the same age as Jack. Live in the Muqata...north of Jerusalem. Moved to Israel 15 years ago, got married in Jerusalem...we have 7 kids.

    Studied @ YU; well, that's sort of true. I learned here and there, went to classes some of the time. I did graduate, but thats probably because I just discovered YESTERDAY from a blogger's wife, that she davened for me at the time. Wow...that was a shock. (Then again, I guess her tefillot worked at the time.)

    Thats all for now...bye!

  24. 52 year old dentist from Colorado

  25. 24, law school. but you probably knew that.

  26. 26, semicha student and chem teacher, NY.

  27. What's w/ the date at the top of the page, have you discovered time travel and not told anyone?

    Here comes the most un-neccessary bio that you'll read (oops, forgot about mom. Do people know your last name? Whatever, "Hi, Mrs. Ezzie's mom")
    25, single, financial analyst and living in Baltimore. Cleveland born and raised, bleed brown and orange (although I'm starting to see a little wine&gold mixed in). Know Ezzie forever, know SerandEz for about 6 months, know Ser not at all.

  28. Graphic Designer Overload... I have a second job too. I guess us lot spend a lot of time hanging round the net.

  29. 28, single, currently living in Passaic. Work is boring, but am studying to be a school counselor.

  30. lol @ graphic designer overload. it's just that much work is at the computer and on the computer is internet where there are blogs... :)

  31. Hi all

    Handsome 26 year old male Angeleno. Graphic Designer, poor speller, Married, two kids, many enemies, highly addicted to blogging, still on a quest for the "theory of everything"

  32. Cool I'm in the "few in between" category.NY married early 30's, working etc..blah blah blah..

  33. I'm 29 and friends with Aviva & Shua, I live in Baltimore but will be moving to your neck of the woods (KGH, in fact) after Pesach.

  34. 42, Married with kids.
    Five Towns.
    Software Architect

  35. 23, graduated from College of the Holy Cross, '04. Work as a web developer.

    When did you start recording that 50,000?

    At the 'Jester, we're at 76,184 page views since mid-August of last year, but I've always assumed that 95% of it comes from the dozen regulars or so.

    I'm far more impressed with your Technorati ranking of about 7,000... now that is a SERIOUS accomplishment. That is a real measure of a steady flow of interest in your blog.

    Any idea what your Google PageRank is?

  36. 27, NY and guess what? Graphic Designer

  37. Damn, we could form a serious little software company with all the programmers, software architects, and graphic designers here!

    Can I get a "hell yeah" to all those out there who dig Object/Relational Mapping, Cascading Style Sheets, N-Tier Architecture, Model-View-Controller Architecture, Ruby on Rails, ASP.NET 2.0, Apache servers, Design Patterns of all sorts, XHTML, AJAX, XML web services, REST, and JavaScript?!

    Hell yeah!

  38. How about Agile Web Development, MySQL databases, the C# programming language, Internet Information Services 6, SQL Server 2005, Visual Studio 2005, Test-Driven Development, NDoc, and more?!

    Hell yeah!

  39. Damn, we could form a serious little software company with all the programmers, software architects, and graphic designers here!

    Too many GD's on one team is a recipe for disaster. I've been on teams like that, 'twasn't pretty.

  40. Im a 22 year old, single male, who lives in Brooklyn. Im in school for Physical Therapy... and finishing that in 2+ years. (Thank G-D!) How did I hear about Ezzie's blog? Well I have known Ezzie for like 4 years, but only recently discovered his blog through my friend's xvi blog (another great blog).

    Oh and Ezzie... I am not sure if this is happening to everyone, but when I go on to your blog all I get is a blank page. Only when I scroll down do I get to the bolg. Besides the fright that this causes (oh no where is my daily fix!) its quite annoying (because my mouse is semi-broken... def the worst type of broken. Not broken enough to replace it, but still annoying enough when you try to get anything done). Anyway to fix it?

  41. 38 M, Rochester, NY, just about to head back to get my MBA. I have spent the last decade running the sales side of IT startups, and am now trying to take it to the next level with business school.

  42. I've been trying to avoid commenting on this post for now, until some of the weekend readers post too... (and all those who didn't yet!!)

    But Shua - use Mozilla Firefox, not Internet Explorer! IE stinks! Sadly, there's nothing I can do, as I tried and tried. Apparently, IE reads the HTML a bit differently, and that sets it below the sidebar. Sorry. I tried!

  43. Ezzie, I am extremely sorry for making you break your streak of not posting on this blog (and quite honored that you did do it for me). But I must admit that I did not know the huge advantages Mozilla Firefox has over Internet Explorer because I am relatively new to this whole blogger thing and IE has been fine until now.

  44. 35, married, 4 kids, Chicago suburbs, computer guy.

  45. Okay, time to respond to everyone...

    Olah Chadasha - Criminology or Forensic Psychology? Wow. A real life CSI. You should post about Nefesh B'Nefesh (unless you did and I didn't see because it's way down in the archives...). Cool!

    TorontoPearl - Oh yah, eh? Sorry, making fun of Canadians is a favorite pasttime. Have you ever thought about publishing blog material of yours? And why do Torontonians call the parts of it "up" or "down". Serach's sister and her in-laws made aliyah from Toronto.

    Anon - Thanks. Know any good accountants who need help...? ;)

    Ayelet - I think SIL bashed speech therapists recently. :) (I would never...!) Your kids are really cute - and your husband said he thinks I talk to you more than he does through our blogs.

    Shtender - GD #1!

    Jack - Ya know, I could almost see you doing that when you're older...

    Tovya - Texas? See, I wouldn't have guessed that one. You don't seem like a Southerner.

    Mommy - Feh. How about you open up your own blog?!

    MoisheQPublic - Single Dad? (tips hat) Yeah,it's great my mom takes an interest. Now if she'd comment more often...

    Larry - Pleasure meeting you last week!

    Scott - Another law student. Shocker. :)

    CruisinMom - Psych? The way you say it, I dream up dark images of interogations... Thanks for the compliments.

    Xvi - really!? No way! :) Remember: Fat babies and fat wallets!

    Sarah - Glad you're enjoying! I doubt I have too many readers from Down Under. Especially ones who take such nice pictures... wow. GD#2.

    Robbie - See, this is why I had to take over your blog. It claimed you were in your 20's, Jewish, from Chicago. Now we know the truth.

    CruisinMom - S'ok, I knew that from the shootin'! :)

    IfYouWillIt - Glad you joined. :) GD#3!

    AJ - Young'un. Columbia, home to 9 of the 101 worst US Professors. (See some other blogs for details.) Great school, though.

    Charlie - Heh. :) Now here's a guy who's fun just to listen to... talk about a walking encylopedia! Plus, I'm a stats guy, too. Just they're usually more sports-based.

    Irina - Impressive! And a great writer on the side - nice.

    WestBankMama - You probably live next to some relatives of mine. Or old family friends... anyone from Cleveland applies.

    Tovya - No requirements :) But thanks!

    Jameel - 7 kids while you were in your 60's?! ;) And which blogger's wife?! Why haven't I read this?

    2 scoops - Should a dentist be talking about having 2 scoops!? Thanks for reading!

    Romach - Yep. :)

    LabRab - Another friend of mine guessed who you were. He's in Bio lab, though... and a pleasure meeting you as well!

    G - I bleed different colors different times of the year. Right now, it's predominantly wine&gold. And yes, people know my last name, or at least I'm not hiding it. (Kinda hard to, when the article of mine that got published had it.)

    You've never met Ser? I think you did - in Cafe 921, before it closed.

    Shoshana - One of the first J-blogs I ever found. :) Glad work is boring, for my own selfish purposes...

    IfYouWillIt/Sarah - I think most bloggers are people who work at computers or those in college who have computers with them a lot. Takes away from the bordeom. :)

    Holy Hyrax - Poor speller!? Who knew!? ;) GD#4. Still on the quest? Just be like GH and I! [Note: Only after writing that did I realize how corny that sounds...]

    JewishBlogMeister - I'd have guessed younger, though the singing for 10 years gives it away a bit.

    Sara - Cool! You'll have to come over! (And if you want to kidnap my nieces and nephew to take along, that's cool.)

    HappyWithHisLot - Wow. I thought you were much younger... not sure why. Still love your moniker.

    Croaky - GPR of 4, I checked after you asked. The Technorati rank is a bit cheap - I used to be part of the "Alliance" when I started blogging, and that probably boosted me. My comp doesn't record my hits (though right now it is, since I'm at my in-laws...), so the 50K is earned - I started the counter in June/July of last year.

    I doubt I'll get too many Holy Cross grads here, save your IGJ buddies. :)

    Ger Tzadik - I hear that! How can someone be a "professional" geek?!

    Shevy - LOL - GD#5!

    Anonymousette - You're still around! Great! Ya know, lots of people come for Shabbosos...

    Croaky - LOL and huh!? ;)

    Shtender - Heh. :) Though a bunch of friends of ours work together in one room... and love it.

    Shua - What's up!??! I'm finishing school in like 2+ months. Probably forever. :::aaahhhh:::

    Scottage - I dunno how you did it, but I love your new template. And this is why I did accounting: No need for an MBA... :)

    Shua - LOL. S'ok, we'll forgive you if you switch.

  46. E-Kvetcher - another computers guy. Geez. I spent a bit of time in Chicagoland while in HS... Who knows, I may know you! (Though you don't look familiar... ;) )

  47. Ezzie, I actually paid for it, and not much, comparatively. For $60, Se7en did everything, from redisigning the look and feel to redoing the back end infrastructure inside blogger for the blog to optimize the speed. He was quick, nice, listened too me, and well worth the money. I suggest him highly.


  48. Mid 40's, accountant, Catholic....


  49. Hey, 35, NYC, social worker/writer, politically independent, convert to Judaism

  50. Scottage - thanks. I currently don't want to spend a cent, but if I change my mind, I'll keep that in mind.

    Rod - Woah. That would be pretty amazing...

    Todd - Catholic? Wow. I'm not sure I have too many Catholics reading - glad you're enjoying. (Got a job for me? ;) )

    SK - Thanks for reading; loved your kiddush cup post a week or so ago.

  51. 57, married 28 years, son soon to be 23, resident of one of the five boroughs of New York City (sorry, can't afford to let the neighbors know I'm blogging, so I can't be any more specific), secretary for special projects in an Orthodox not-for-profit organization. B.A. in French, which helps with the editing part of said projects. Hubster's an accountant (but doesn't have enough clients to be able afford to hire an assistant--sorry, Ezzie).

  52. 37, former Cleveland Heightser, member of the Snowball Squad and current Texan. Double-majored in math and computer science. Work part-time as a software engineer. Spend the rest of the time chasing my 1 & 4 yr. old daughter.

  53. Shira - Aww, it's okay... :) You're similar to my mom in some details, pretty funny...

    Stacey - Woohoo!! Snowball Squad!! Gotta love the math, too. My mom likes to brag about my former math proficiency...