Friday, February 17, 2006

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 2/17: Touring Edition

For tonight's roundup, I decided to check out some blogs I don't normally get a chance to see... and it made me wish I had far more time on my hands so I could read even more blogs on a regular basis. As I added a number of blogs to my blogroll today that I'd been reading for a while, I was made even more aware of just how large the list I read has gotten (and there are others that aren't even on there) - and just how hard it is to keep up even with those.

Of course, I also will have to take off a couple of days at some point to go pick up Stacey, Ezer K'Negdo, and others on my way to LA. We are going to then grab Jack, throw him into some storage bin, ship him to Cleveland, and pummel him with snowballs - because he deserves it! Then we're going to sit with our feet up and down some good ol' Great Lakes: Burning River beers...

And now, on to the roundup:
Ezer K'Negdo almost shows a congregant a... well, different look than she might have expected to see from her rebbetzin.

Robert of Seraphic Secret (staunch conservative Republican) and Cruisin' Mom (strong liberal Democrat) go shooting together after eating some babka. Read both versions! :) [and thanks to Kerchoff's Coffeehouse for pointing it out...] Ralphie at Kerchoff wishes he could be interviewing another famous shooter of the week.

Cruisin' Mom also has her 15 minutes of blogging fame. Heh.

Orthonomics has a strong post about the money people waste in paying for weddings, taking a couple posts off the tuition crisis. (Sorry this is 2 days later...) Glazer Beams, however, is focused on the Milwaukee vouchers - something people should pay attention to.
WestBankMama links to an excellent article on the failure of democracy - in Israel.
Chana has video of a stunning, graceful performance; Hayom has stunning pictures. You have to see both with your own eyes.
Thought Provoking:
Xvi gives a slightly different outlook on free will.
Woah - falling on my face. Layla Tov (good night) everybody!!

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  1. Thank you for the link Ezzie. Where do you find the time?

  2. If you come across anything on kosher cooking and kosher food, please send me the links for the next Kosher Cooking Carnival!


  3. WBM - Umm... I'm done with school basically, and haven't found a job yet... :( ;)

    Rebecca - LOL. Her husband has been a good friend of mine since 3rd grade... and my wife went to HS with her, and thought of setting them up. They live about a 5-minute walk away, and he eats Shalosh Seudos here almost every week. (cue wooden kids with squeaky voices and little hand-waves: "It's a small world after all...")

    Batya - Of course!

  4. Ha ha.I am doubled over with laughter. A bunch of clevelanders think that they can handle a handful of Angelenos.

    Guess again burning boy. ;)

  5. Um, how many people are you?! ;)

  6. Ezzie, wow, thanks for the link! You may help extend my 15 minutes to oh, say, 20!!!

  7. THAT'S RIGHT! Snowballs galore!


    Thanks for the link!!
    PS: Amy Joy just went legit kosher . . . I hear they rock.

  8. CM - Heh :)

    Shtender - Sure!

    EK - LOL. No problemo. And... guess I'll have to check it out.

  9. Ezzie,

    I am more than you and the other two flunkies can handle. That is who I am. ;)