Thursday, February 16, 2006

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 2/16

It's been an interesting 24 hours, to say the least... and I think I'll stick with saying the least. I meant to stick this in yesterday's, but forgot - here's a hilarious T-shirt, thanks to the Atheist Jew. And Kesher Talk got me into this game... I got 20.209 seconds! :)

And some good news. Thank God. (Still saying the least, sorry.)

Blogger is still having serious issues - I've tried to publish this twice to no avail.

Straight to the roundup:

*Post of the Day*
Beautiful post by David Linn of BeyondBT over at LazerBeams.
PsychoToddler posts Traitor. You have to see it for yourself.

S./MFM quotes DNA, who finds that Google knows diqduq! (proper Hebrew grammar)
Classmate Wearing Yarmulke wonders if it's wise to wear his yarmulke outside of class - on job interviews. He's looking for advice, so go give some.

Life in Israel wonders why people can't just admit their mistakes.

Croaky at IGJ is debating just how much of a Dem he is (he's confused :) ) as he spells out his views... interesting, to say the least. (Education, Military, Economics)
EditCopy continues his excellent morning copies... check out near the end about VP powers. Interesting.

Israel/Judaism: Jameel's kids are modeling interesting shirts... they're almost graffiti-like, as opposed to the real graffiti which Jameel wonders who drew (he also found Osama).

LZ does the math at Maven Yavin... and finds that it's not so crazy after all that 70 went down to Egypt and became a few million.
Dreams & Recollections:
MCAryeh recalls his childhood dreams - beautiful post.

Elie dreams about his son, Aaron (who passed away).

AbbaGav continues on his roll, with advice from a now 1-year old blogger. Congrats!

R' Goldson recalls a mother-in-law we'd all want at Beyond Tshuva. Sweet.

Jack says his friend will look out for a lost child. He also reflects about blogging.

LabRab is in dreamland - not IM-land.
Elder of Ziyon has a cool one.

Sarah's just talented (check out old ones, too).

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  1. 15.603 (I need to waste more time to beat you.)

  2. Yaak - Heh. I only did it for a few minutes... I just figured out the patterns a bit. :) Welcome! Hope you'll keep coming back! (Friendly advice: translate some of the Hebrew in your post about bizuy; hurts head to read Hebrew online... ;) )

    EoZ - You're welcome as always!

  3. Thanks for the roundup, good as always.

  4. Played again, got 21.501. I think that's as good as it gets without wasting too much time.

  5. 35. The pieces move in the same direction every time.

  6. I know they do, but it gets choppy on mine... even if it didn't, I kept having trouble at about 18 to get up to the right corner.

    35 is really impressive.

  7. Post of the Day, I'm honored. Do I get a badge like in the JIBs?

  8. oooh... badges! I should do that! :)

    No, sorry - we're underfunded these days. Plus, it would be pretty dumb if half the J-bloggers out there had one after a while...!

    Great post.

  9. 3rd try after Shabbos: 23.39 seconds.

  10. Liked the game... and another funny T-shirt that I saw at the same website.... and... (Im not really sure how to do this whole link thing...)