Monday, February 13, 2006

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 2/13

It was a fairly quiet day, save all the posts about the snow. I guess not much will be growing in New York this Tu B'Shvat (the Jewish New Year for the trees). But there were still a couple of great posts out there, and I finally can do this, so here's today's roundup:

*Post of the Day*
The Godol Hador finally understands what it is about Judaism. (For good?) This is somewhat in line with my own thoughts on this as well...
New blog (to me) to check out:
Sarah's photoblog, Sarah's Images.
And click below to see the rest of 'em:
Daled Amos has a sharp post about reporters and standards.

ADDeRabbi makes a few excellent points about how we learn.

BlogHead discusses the roots of Tu B'shvat.

JoeSettler doesn't like the National Union/National Religious Party merger. I don't either.

Me-Ander reminds us to (write and) submit posts for the second Kosher Cooking Carnival to shilohmuse at yahoo dot com.

Treppenwitz has a run-in with his wife's portion of the bathroom.

Tovya articulates perfectly why an inquiry is needed regarding Amona.

DryBones has an excellent cartoon about cartoons, and an even better one about weakness.

Judeopundit has a good explanation of Tu B'shvat.

EDIT: Forgot this hilarious video, courtesy of Hayom.
Happy Tu B'shvat!

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  1. nice roundup.. i actually somehow overlooked some of these posts, thanks for bringing them to my attention.

  2. Regarding GH, its definetly not "for good." Its the way of the skeptic. Some times you have the good days, and sometimes you have your off days. He just needs to remember his reasons for believing in Judaism when he has his off days. Ofcourse, thats sometimes easier said than done.