Friday, February 17, 2006

Anti-Jewish Film

(Hat tip: Chaim, who is still on blogging break)

This seems to be bad news:
Billy [Zane] recently teamed up with fellow actor Gary Busey in a highly controversial Turkish movie called Valley of the Wolves: Iraq.


Billy Zane is a zealous Christian Army Commander named Sam William Marshall, who believes he is serving the Almighty by ridding the world of Muslims. Together with a Jewish doctor friend (played by Gary B.) Sam Marshall captures Muslim children and harvests their organs to package and send back to America for use by good little Jewish boys and girls. The film will also incorporate dramatic re-enactments of real events, thus lending a higher level of believability and credibility to the project.
Troubling, to say the least. Read the whole thing.


  1. The Daily Show mentioned it last night. Looks like it's pretty anti-American as well. I don't know what Zane and Busey could have been thinking.

  2. Sales of Mein Kampf up in Turkey as well.
    Look here.

  3. Saw that on the Daily show too. Sick

  4. Oh Lord, really? This is sick. And we can just sit back and watch. Can't do a damn thing about it. OY.

  5. The trouble is, there used to be a lot of Christian armies who saw it as their mission to rid the world of Muslims. They were called the Crusaders. (They wanted to get rid of Jews, too.)