Monday, February 27, 2006

A New Level of Rude: Update

Continuing from this post...

I found out who the culprits were - and they've added to their long list of rude actions.

They called me again - on my cellphone. Who gave them the right to waste my Verizon minutes by calling my cellphone!? I don't recall giving them my number (I'm quite sure I did not) - and even if I did, it clearly wasn't my primary choice, and I never told them they could call me on it.

This time, I waited out their "hold", and within seconds, a lady came on:
Lady: "Hello? Who is this?"

Me: "Excuse me?! You called me!"

Lady: "Hold on please..."

Me: "No."

* One thing cellphones lack - the slamming ability. Cordless phones lack the same. It's really sad...

Then they had the nerve to call me back again, this time back on my house phone. Again, I waited out the hold... then had the guy. ask. me. to. hold. again. Sickening! He, too, asked who I was, and then when I explained how rude it was to call someone and ask them to hold, he said, "Well, the name didn't show up on our computer right away." What?! The correct answer is, "I'm sorry, sir." I then explained that having a machine call someone and ask them to hold was even more rude, and he didn't bother to apologize for that, either.

At some point, he told me what company he's calling from - and only after I asked him. He then proceeded to inform me that I was past due on a payment - though I don't believe I've ever received a bill. Finally, he agreed to send the bill again. He never once apologized for the hold - whether by him or by the machine guy; and he wasn't polite at all during the conversation. Sickening.

I've lost all respect for... Target.


  1. oy, all the dramas!
    (thankfully in australia we don't have to pay to recieve incoming calls. but my american cellphone over there was prepaid so i got so annoyed at people calling me unecessarily!)

  2. Well, Ezzie, now the both of us have a reason to go out to the shooting range.

  3. Sarah - yeah, I was expecting an Israeli to say that.

    HH - HAHA! All right, next time I'm in your neck of the woods... ;)

    McOrn - Yeah, you probably do.

  4. Target!!! Of all places!

    That was a truly unexpected ending. : D

    Beware of the... Target!

  5. You can so visualize them painting that bulls-eye on your phone when you check out ...

  6. LabRab - ROTFL!!!

    Irina - It's annoying, because I actually like Target when I go there. Now this will always pop into my head.

  7. I got one that blows yours away. I got a call from Cendant to switch my mortgage. I politely told the woman that I wasn't interested. She proceded to call me a 'rude f*ck' and told me she hoped I'd die of cancer. Then 5 minutes later it was Shabbos!

  8. Ezzie,

    Beware. There are a number of fraudulent places that operate in this manner. Make sure you get the actual bill, and keep track of your credit report (you're allowed one free from each of the major agencies a year. I forget the URL, but it should be easy to find. Also be careful since a lot of places set up similar sounding sites that you actually have to pay for...)

  9. Romach - Absolutely. I told him very clearly I don't do this over the phone, and let him volunteer whatever info. I told him to mail me whatever it is.

  10. Sounds almost like Israel. People here call all the time and say "who is it?" to the person they just called. I HATE THAT!

    We recently had someone call our cell while we were driving and pull that. We finally worked out it was a simple wrong number and told them that. They didn't believe it and accused us of lying. They called back again. And again, and again and again, seven or eight times, each time demanding to talk to Mr. Whoever, demanding to know why we wouldn't put him on the phone. We had to turn off the phone for a day. I HATE THAT!

    Cell phones are great, it's people that are the problem. Thanks for a little room to vent, I feel better now.