Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 2/21: Part I

Thanks to an ongoing discussion at Chana's, I clarified what it is about blogging that I really love. I've always had a bunch of basic likes and dislikes, and approaches to why I blog and what about it is so enjoyable, but there was always something more that I just couldn't express. You'll have to wait and see, I hope to write that post in the next week or so. Really, this time.

I'm splitting this one into 2 parts: A-L and M-Z, based on my blogroll. I'm also only including posts from Monday or Tuesday, I believe.

On to the roundup:

A bunch of folks are questioning different aspects of why they blog, and what about it really 'gets' them: MCAryeh wonders why, Jack questions if it's for ego or something else, and JewishBlogMeister is inspiring others to blog.
ADDeRabbi wonders who knows his name, while GerTzadik decides whether or not to keep his.
Pointing out the good stuff:
Yaakov Menken at Cross-Currents points to a great Jeff Jacoby article about honesty regarding fear of Muslims.

Elder of Ziyon points to a Jimmy Carter op-ed that is completely blind to the truth, and has an excellent analysis of how low Carter thinks of... the Arabs.

Daled Amos points out an excellent editorial in the Wall Street Journal with a perfect title.
Ze'ev wonders who's a Jew; JoeSettler asks how accustomed we will be to the next wave of terror.
Finally, "Cleveland Rocks!" according to AirTime.

Check it out!

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