Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 6/27: Uh-oh

I may be in trouble for spilling the beans about the Super Top-Secret J-Blogger Meeting, but that's okay. Most of the threats I'm getting are that someone's going to "out" me, anyway.

I can't link to all the good posts about the kidnapped Gilad (ben Aviva) Shalit, but most people are rightfully linking to Jameel's. May he be returned safely and in good health in the very near future. For one more, Treppenwitz speaks as the father of a Gilad.

EDIT: Must-listen to Davey Pray by David Linn's brother. Wow.

Meryl has an amazing post, comparing statements of Kofi Annan. It's so transparent it makes me want to vomit (or sock Kofi Annan).

Sarah Shapiro writes the other side of a story. Wow, do I feel bad, even though I couldn't have known better.

EoZ has some Joo humor. Excerpt:
"For some reason, they've decided to leave me out of the worldwide Jewish conspiracy," said Nussbaum, a 34-year-old computer programmer. "And I can't say it doesn't hurt."
Chana has great video of the old Mentos & Diet Coke show. 90 seconds of hilarity. :)

Fudge is bored, now that she's been away. I remember when this happened after my first year of dorming at high school - life has changed forever. It's pretty rough over those summers, but the rest of the change is definitely worth it.

WestBankMama makes fun of Kvetchy Bloggers. Hehe. (Even if this may be related to something from this blog.) Excerpt:
Tired of writing meaningful posts? Spending too much time researching facts? Annoyed at the need for introspection, the careful choice of words, the self-discipline to not generalize about others? Depressed about how all of this effort garners you just a handful of regular readers, and a few tepid comments?

I have the perfect answer for you - secret, undercover agents have sold me the "Cliff Notes" from everyone's favorite, the ever popular Kvetchy Blogger.
Yitzchak notes the flipped terms in the Times. Crazy.

Scottage notes that Reporters Without Borders has taken up the cause of a blogger. I'm not always a fan of RWB, but kudos to them on this one.

SoccerDad has Military Monday #5 - wow. These soldiers are really something.

All right, that's it for tonight. Or this morning. Or whatever this is.


  1. The threats are for calling Jameel a nutjob.

    Friends of the Muqata are standing by awaiting further orders.

    And we were thinking of outting you, but telling everyone your real, legal name!

  2. Eliezer Chaim Goldish, in case you're wondering. :)

  3. Eliezer Chaim Goldish, in case you're wondering.

    I was wondering what sort of Ezzie you were.
    Ezra, Yechezkel, Achiezer, and Ezriel are other possibilities.
    Thanks for the link, by the way.

  4. Yah - most people guess Ezra or Ezriel. My parents didn't want to call me Eli (too common), and my brother chose Ezzie. Well, he did one thing right, at least. :)