Thursday, June 22, 2006

Not the Ezzie Daily Roundup.

Well, last I spoke to Ezzie he was crossing the border into Canada without a passport and he needed to get off the phone rather quickly. Woah, I don't want to think about that.

Instead, I'll give you a short roundup.

Post of the day. You may think it's rather presumptuous of me to mention my own posting as the best one of the day, but if Ezzie were blogging, I have a feeling he would agree.

Jameel's Amazing Midnight Visit to Kever Yehoshua bin Nun:

When we reached the Kever of Nun, there were alot more people there than a few hours earlier. Lots of soldiers were coming up say tehillim and daven. These weren't religious soldiers at all...but felt it was important to say some tehillim at this place which was rarely opened to the public. I saw female combat soldiers come over as well, go to the section cordoned off for women, and daven. One female soldier arrived wearing a standard-IDF-uniform-issue (but rarely seen) olive-colored skirt. She went over and quietly swayed back and forth as she poured out her heart in davening.

Give yourself 15 minutes to read it -- maybe even print it out if you like color pictures. Trust me, it's worth it. Read it here.

Shifra's back with her heimish soap opera, the Modern and the Orthodox, (chapter 6).

Orthomom takes issue with HaModia's copy editor. (Do they have one??)

DovBear's true racist colors shine through ;-)

Jack reminds us that today marks the Summer Solstice.

GodolHador is back from his Israel vacation, and gets right back in the saddle with an insightful post, "Why Deistic Orthopraxy is superior to Chareidi Orthodoxy"

Kasamba checks out her kids' diaries.

The Purple Parrot writes about the Wall.

Sorry this is short, but I have to run to a Bat-Mitzva. Hope you enjoyed the mini roundup. Drop me an email if you saw something worthwhile for the next week.



  1. Even if you only had your own post up here- it would have a been a great roundup cuz that post was awesome!

    and thanks for including me!

  2. Nice seeing you at the Bat Mitzva Jameel, even if you managed to not mentione a single post of mine.

  3. Joe: nice seeing you too - even if you totally gut me busted for not believing in the flood story. Thanks. I really own you one.

    Besides, this is a DAILY roundup. If you would have posted something today I would have included it...

    Better luck tomorrow!

  4. good roundup and great post, jameel! :)