Wednesday, June 28, 2006

For A Friend

Tonight, we were supposed to have a guest come in, who was to stay here for almost a week. At about 5:45 this morning, she text messaged me to see if I was up (of course, I was). She sadly had to cancel her trip here. She is Serach's best friend, and basically will be living by our house about twice a month next year for Shabbosos. She just sent out an e-mail, and I'm taking the liberty to post some of it here:
I know many of us get many emails asking that we say a perek of tehillim for a choleh, and unfortunately I'm in a situation to write one.

My grandmother was just admitted to a hospital last night, and she is in critical condition. The doctors are saying that they are not sure that she will make it through the night. Thank G-d, my family was able to fly to California to spend some time with her, and the only thing we can really do is daven by her bedside.

I want to thank all those that have called to see how you can help, and the truth is that right now the best comfort my family can get is knowing that there are those davening for her recovery. If you can, please take two minutes to say a perek of tehillim for Mazal Tov Bat Aziza.

Thank you so much for all your tefillos - may Hashem bless her with a full recovery.
At the same time, it's worth having in mind Gilad ben Aviva and Eliyahu ben Miriam.

Thank you.