Friday, June 30, 2006

Diet Coke & Mentos: The Show

Chana, eat your heart out. :) This just gets better as it goes...


  1. Haha... this has been making the rounds! I've had this emailed to me by a few people over the past few days... These guys are awesome.

  2. coincidence!!
    just this shabbos afternoon my 9 yr old asked me -
    "ma - is it true that if you put mentos into soda, the soda flies?"

    So i look at him strangely - i've got NO IDEA what he's talking about - and i go -'No, not really...."

    and then i read your blog!!!


    he must've heard about this from someone...
    anyway - i'm showing him the clip now!
    gut voch!

  3. Hehe :) Glad everyone's enjoying!

  4. These guys should get one of those technical oscars :) amazing!

    What I want to know is how their lab coats are still clean and white at the end.

  5. I think that the stuff coming out is basically foamy fizz, actually. See the video on Chana's blog - it has better close-ups.

  6. Hey! I've been out of town for a week so I missed the shout-out!

    I can't tell now - is this the video? It was what originally sparked my interest. :)

    Now it seems they've appeared on Letterman and the Today Show!

    I hope you get notice of my comment since it's been a whole week!

    BTW - the lab coats may have appeared white (StainMaster polyester?), but they were definitely soaked - time-release Diet Coke!