Monday, June 12, 2006

Home Sweet Home

We had a really great weekend in the Baltimore/Silverspring area, from Shabbos with my sister's family and many hours with other "relatives" to meeting some people for the first time to the wedding [which was awesome] to having a great ride back via Philadelphia and meeting some new people from KGH in the process.

Advice to the penny-pinching: When debating whether or not to bring a baby to a wedding, keep in mind that the people at your table who've never before met you seem to enjoy volunteering to hold and watch your baby for you. And playing with her. I think the people at our table took care of Elianna for a total of over an hour - it was really convenient. :)


  1. welcome back :) glad you had a good time!

    and lol @ your advice. it works though. i told my friend who was complaining about coming to shul with her baby that it's not a problem, i'm very happy to play with him if she wants a break! (or to actually daven)

  2. Enjoy and take advantage. It doesn't work when they're 3 and want to get onstage and, er, "play" the drums with the band! (Although my little Uncle Moishy does a mean slow motion twist that brings down the house, LOL!)

    I should post the pic of him strutting with his mem hat on.

    Ahem. But I digress. Revel in the cooing and kvelling while it lasts!!

  3. Too bad we missed each other! I was in Baltimore for Shabbas too. I tried leaving you a comment on your post about getting a job but blogger was down for a while. Mazel Tov! I found a job as well and I start next Monday. Looking forward to being neighbors!

  4. DA - Thanks!

    Sarah - LOL, see?!

    Chana - Cute! And we will...

    Sara - Congrats!! Welcome to the 'hood! I'm going to e-mail you...

  5. Sounds like fun! I was in that area Memorial weekend at cousins.

  6. Glad to see you're back and had a fab time!