Friday, June 16, 2006

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 6/16: Woah

Sorry, been a bit busy the last couple of days. I had a bunch of posts I'd have liked to write, but others did it already, so, without any further ado... here's the roundup. This time, I'm adding a bit of commentary - those are the posts I might have written in short.

Just hit continue.

It's a good thing Ayelet has kids. :)

Jameel is being tormented by ADS. Personally, I knew it was a comedy, and therefore had no issue with it. I don't expect every ad to be something I'm going to agree with completely, but as long as it doesn't offend my [or most of my readers'] sensibilities, I'm not going to reject them.

A good friend has started a blog entitled "The Journey We Call Life". Original, I know. But he's got a great URL - Read his first post to find out why.

A gratuitous knockdown of the Daily Show by The Best TV Week Ever. Hilarious!

Kasamba has an Ode To The Drama Queen. I know all too many people like this.

PsychoToddler has a side-splitting post on illegal immigration reform. And it has nothing to do with borders.
Every once in a while, DovBear hits a streak of a bunch of good posts in a row. This is one of them. I'm enjoying the soccer highlights by his CousinOliver, the soccer debate, and the fisking of people's ideas regarding Judaism.

Heh - I just realized that none of these posts are about politics. No wonder! :)
Charles Krauthammer on Gaza:
You know it's good when Chana, Chaim, and Jack are all linking to the same piece. It is really good. Notice that they're all quoting different parts, too.
A Town Crier reprints an old story. I still remember when I first heard this story. It's really a testament to the overlooked great people in Judaism - the simple, nice, kindhearted people.

RafiG learns a lesson from his dentist. I've always loved this lesson.
Inspired Rants:
LamedZayin is back. He notes why Mashiach isn't coming - sick. I've never understood why people can't accept that those who don't share their *exact* viewpoints are "kofrim" or the like. It's sickening. It's also ignorance.

Harry Mayrles on lavish Bar Mitzvahs - it's Orthonomic. FWIW, my own Bar Mitzvah was a Shabbos-only affair, mostly for family. We had a bigger kiddush and something Friday night with a couple speakers. Nothing fancy, no bands, nothing expensive. And you know what? I actually REMEMBER it.

A Whispering Soul is back as well - another beautiful post.
Canonist touches on what is and isn't to be posted from private correspondence. It's a good piece overall. I've always had a hangup on posting private e-mails, unless the person has reason to believe that they will be posted or if one asks permission. Steven argues that this doesn't apply to more influential people et al; I'm not sure I agree, but it's a very good argument.

Nephtuli on the possible advantage to AL teams in interleague play.

JewishBlogMeister says the Mets are having a Jewish heritage day. I may go to this, since it's so close. Anyone else coming?

YeshivaWorld notes the fight in Chicago over a bris. In the original article I saw on FoxNews, you get a distinct impression that the father isn't a fan of anything Jewish, and that's why he's against his son receiving one. I just don't like where this might lead.
JoeSettler has two sharp pieces - one on DM Amir Peretz's (in)action, and one entitled Pick the Ghetto Jew regarding responses to yesterday's attempted kidnapping.

Batya debunks some myths - especially at the very end.

EoZ has a great post on Caterpillar, the company which makes the bulldozers Israel uses.

SoccerDad digs into the NYTimes. Wow.

And WestBankMama has an incredibly interesting post about the IDF vs. the Supreme Court - and how wrong the Court was, and what cost its had. Woah.
Liberals gone wild:
EditCopy takes his own to task. Excellent piece.

Judeopundit notes a very anti-Semitic piece on Kos. Cartoons, too. I'm not really surprised. That there are many anti-Semites who think Israel controls everything among the far-left is old news - but Kos usually keeps them in check in terms of posts [though not comments].
Enjoy, and have a great Shabbos (or Motzei Shabbos)!


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  5. Great roundup! I missed a few things ;)

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    Re: the "bris" - not a bris if the baby's not Jewish - and the dad - yeah, anti-Semite, for sure. :(

    Great stuff!

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  8. I'm getting very upset with the absolute drivel out of both the left and right now.