Thursday, June 08, 2006

What A View

As Blogger seems to slowly be coming back to life...

I did a little HTML work on this blog today, since I couldn't post. I had changed my own screen resolution to a higher one, and realized just how different the blog looked at different resolutions. I tried to adjust this by changing portions of the template to percentages and not straight pixels, and on my screen at least it seems to be much better.

The question is... how about on yours? If you're willing, please let me know how it looks on your monitor and what resolution you are using. I have a feeling that those under 1024 may have a bit of trouble, but that was probably true before today as well.

The only problem I see is that the "scroll" image only covers the center of the header and footer, and stops at the end of the sidebar. Anybody see any other glitches? Is it wider than your screen? Is it a better width?

Thanks in advance!


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  2. Hey look at that - blogger is working!
    Lookin' good Mr. Kotter . . . (gratuitious 1970's tv show reference)