Monday, June 05, 2006

Abbas to Call Referendum on Recognizing Israel

He may actually be carrying this out - wow:
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said Monday he will call a referendum on a plan implicitly recognizing Israel after he failed to persuade Hamas to agree to the idea. The Islamic militant Hamas, which heads the Palestinian government, strongly opposes a referendum. "President Abbas will set a date for the referendum after the meeting Tuesday of the PLO Executive Committee and parliamentary caucuses," his office said in a statement.

Abbas had set a midnight deadline for agreement. But a participant in late-night talks with Palestinian factions said the president determined they had failed an hour before that.
We'll have to see how this develops...


  1. Of course the ref. is completely insane- written by convicted terrorists- and would result in the destruction of the Jewish state if it were really implimented. But that's democracy in action when the moderate is a guy with degree in Holocaust denial.

  2. True. But it's nice to see Hamas forced into a bad situation.

  3. you hadda see this one coming! i mean, how long could they go without their precious foreign aid?!?! and it'll be that easy, just like the plo. recognize israel and all of a sudden you're not such a terrorist anymore and everyone starts giving you money again. i don't get why the whole world doesn't realize that your ideas and foreign policy aren't what make you a terrorist. it's the fact that you blow up a regular person when he's going to buy groceries that makes you a terrorist. (even if the definition states that terrorism is "often for ideological or political purposes," cuz what normal person would say that islamic ideology condones such violence?)

  4. Mordy - That's pretty much nailing the point.

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