Sunday, June 25, 2006

Guest Bios

It's only fair that I give my own short introduction of those who will hopefully be guest-posting in the near future at SerandEz. There are actually a couple others who have said they may post as well, but as they're still not sure I'll hold off on mentioning them. Meanwhile...

Jameel is a crazed RW Israeli-Arab nut-job who is currently holed up at the Muqata... or something like that. But on the phone, he sounds like a nice, normal, American guy. Weird. I didn't even hear shooting in the background. Wherever I am, even running a border without a passport, Jameel is there on my caller ID.
SIL is... well, my sister-in-law. Apparently, I'm the only person whose sister-in-law blogs as a sister-in-law, which I guess makes some sense. She loves chocolate when it doesn't affect her migraines, and is both hilarious and inspiring. Her previous posts are in the sidebar, and are worth checking out; I always wish she'd post more because her stuff is so good, but I can't push too much or she might just stop entirely. Meanwhile, if she writes the post she's considering, she is sure to get dozens of comments from cheering women and dozens more from scoffing men. Should be fun. :)
FrumDoc is a good friend who is marrying another good friend of ours - only about a year and a half after I told her they should. Geez. Anyways, he's a very deep perfectionist who worries too much about doing things exactly right, but that usually turns out pretty well. He also whittled the tin foil bracelet I proposed to Serach with, but that's for much later in the How I Met Serach series when I get back to it. Meanwhile, his blog has quickly become the story of how he (the Frum Future Doctor (FFD)) and his Frum Future Wife (FFW) met and their dating experiences. They're still up to the second date, so you can catch up pretty easily; he even got FFW to join in the posting, something he has to teach me how to do with Serach!
Pobody's Nerfect:
Ah, PN. Pobody is possibly the guest I look forward to reading the most (though I don't want to set the bar too high). She has the distinction of having been of the few people to truly inspire me, even if she doesn't realize it, when I was otherwise turned off by a lot of things I was around at one point in my life. This, despite being a few years my junior, at a time when I felt (rightfully, I should add) that most people my age or many years my senior I was surrounded by were complete morons, and at a time when she was probably more troubled by issues than I was. She is one of the too-rare thinking frum young women out there, and possibly the only thing holding her back from greatness is her shyness. She is going to kill me for writing all of this, but I had to: Of all the guest posters, I realized I've known her the longest. And oh yeah, she's hilarious when she wants to be, too.
MordyS. Where to begin... Well, the first time I met Mordy, we both thought it would be the last night of our lives. Not bad, right? (That's for another post.) Little did we know that not only would we end up just a 15-second walk from each other's rooms a few months later, but that I would sit directly in front of him whenever we visit my in-laws two years after that meeting. He's already written twice on this blog: Great rants from Monsey that are in the sidebar. He always was a great ranter - blogging should come easily to him.
Prof. Justice:
I usually write: Professor Justice practices Criminal Law in New York, teaches trial advocacy, and is a Professor of Business Law. He also happens to be a good friend of mine, and not just because I somehow pulled an A in his B-Law class; his primary job is extremely important but not one which I'm allowed to share. His previous posts are in the sidebar already, and he actually has already written a number of posts which I will be putting up this week, though I need to reformat them. One is entitled Stupid Student Tricks, discussing his students' requests for grade boosts - and is drop-dead hilarious. Another is a bit more serious, entitled DingDong, regarding just why he celebrated Al-Zarqawi's death. It's really sharp.
I hope you'll enjoy all the guests as much as I'm sure I will.