Sunday, June 18, 2006

Food For Thought, Father's Day

I am a bit busy today, editing and adding material to a 25-page research paper for a friend and studying for my very last accounting final (ever!). The final is tonight, followed by the engagement party of my dear friend Jon. Jon is the Jon of How I Met Serach (in the sidebar), the person through whom I met my wife; he also has the distinction of having been my chavrusa, my roommate, and the architect of my proposal to Serach, which I'm slowly working my way towards in the story. He's also completely insane - read our OnlySimchas posts for some insanity... this is a guy who is obsessed with Crognon Man et al, so some bloggers may appreciate it...

Anyways, since I have no time to write for now, check out these posts which are really great:
Jameel discusses what drives Jewish leaders. It's really, really sharp. [And give him a Congratulations on 50,000 hits!]

PsychoToddler has a beautiful post in honor of Father's Day. Personally, this is my first Father's Day. (YAY!!) As I noted on Mother's Day, we're not big on these days, but it was still nice when Serach wished me a "Happy Father's Day, Daddy!!!" on behalf of Elianna. :)

Sephardi Lady points to some great financial posts, and Amishav says Israel is amazing - and praises the base commander of the base he's volunteering on. Wow.
Enjoy, and for all those who care, have a Happy Father's Day!!