Sunday, June 18, 2006

Too-RON-Oh, here I come?


A good friend is getting married this Wednesday night in Toronto, which, in a huge shock to Canadians everywhere, actually has TWO 'T's in it. (Ahem.) Since he's actually from Milwaukee, it will probably be a really funny place just to listen to people talk.
Milwaukee person: Onh yanh, Tu-rahnto is niyce. Didn'tcha they have the O-limp-ics here a few years ago?

Toronto person: It's not Tuh-ran-o, it's Too-RON-Oh, eh? And we have a really tall pointless building, eh!

Milwaukee person: No, ah'm tellin' ya, Brett Favre won like 18 gold medals, doncha know?

Toronto person: Umm, but we have free* health care, eh.
And then I get to laugh at both of them.

But, I have a problem: I was supposed to go with one friend, but since he had a baby just 4 weeks ago, his son's pidyon haben is Thursday afternoon. We had been planning on driving there and back, leaving our wives and children behind - but now, he's not going.

I've already found a ride TO the wedding with some friends, but they were already taking back someone from the wedding to New York. I can get a ride to Buffalo on Thursday, and a one-way flight isn't too bad right now ($124 on JetBlue), but it's a bit more than I want to spend. Anyone have any ideas? And is anyone (you know who you are) going to be at the wedding, out of curiousity? [I doubt I'll have time to get around Toronto - I think I'm getting in a couple hours before the wedding and leaving the next morning if I do go.]

UPDATE: If I do take the flight back, it would be the 7:15pm flight, which means I'd be in Toronto until early afternoon. Ahem. :)

And David is right - it is in fact Chu-RON-Oh, not Too-RON-oh. Heh.

* It's NOT FREE, DAMMIT!! You pay for it with insane tax rates! ARGH. Stupid Canadians.


  1. I thought it was prounounced Choronno. Eh?

  2. Dis pass too years my son roomd wit a guy froma Tornado, ehna?

    Yoo probly wooda liked to be fly on dat wall, ehna?

    De guy from Milwaakee wit de guy from Torrrrano.

    Give my mazel tovs to de big E and also de big Rabbi who missed shul dis shabbos.

  3. I believe there is a bus service to Canada, but I don't know details. BTW I have many relatives in Toronto, and, while they have an accent, it is not so pronounced.
    Don't forget to take the necessary ID with your for crossing the border. I believe you still don't need a passport, but you may need a birth certificate.

  4. Ezzie,

    There is bus service to Toronto, both the regular kind that goes from Port Authority to downtown Toronto, and a Jewish bus service that goes (hmm... was it?) twice a week. The Jewish bus actually drops off in the Jewish area here.

    I have a friend who is from Queens and did the all-nighter Jewish bus and was not pleased with the results. (He couldn't get any sleep...)
    Keep in mind that it takes longer than driving by car, so account for 12? hours or so.

    Just out of curiousity, is the wedding at the BAYT?

  5. SD - Heh. :)

    PT - Eh, that'd have been AWNESOMNE. Must have been lots of fun if he came over for Shaubus.

    Ariella - Thanks, I'll look into it. I just take my passport, I find it easier...

    BE - Great job!

    Avrom - I believe it is NOT at the BAYT, but another shul (Ateres?). Do you know any way to find out more about the bus?

  6. Ezzie, AHEM! Ya got something in your throat?

    The conversation scenario depict sounds as if it's taking place between Native Canadians. We do not say "Eh"; we say "Oy"! How many times do I have to repeat that fact??

    BTW, PsychoToddler thinks I sound like I'm from Queens, so there! (imagine me sticking out my tongue at you, little-girl style!)

    Hope we get to meet while you're here.

  7. Pearl, I believe you mean like this: :P

    I hope so too. :)

  8. i think you all have funny american-sounding accents... i'm sure even you Ezzie!

    (mazal tov for the wedding, hope the transport thing gets sorted. can't really give any advice from here!)

  9. I wanna go to EI's wedding sooooooooo badly!!! betcha didn't even know i KNEW him! we chill at touro all the time and we orig met at oj when he was visiting the pincs for a random shabbos. dude's a total chiller, i love him! but alas, it was not meant to be for i have another wedding wed night (from the neighborhood[shiah's wedding]) and work the next morning... oh well.

  10. Mordy - For some reason I kinda figured you knew him. Shia's wedding is that night? Hmmm... you've given me a thought...

    Sarah - Can't send a magic bus from down under? :)

  11. ummm...k. uh, what might that thought be?

  12. Oh, nothing to do with you. Just about dropping Ser in Monsey. She's close with them, maybe she'd drop in.

  13. Here's the info:

    Phone number in New York: 1-800-540-4448
    Leaves Toronto and New York every Thursday night and Sunday night.
    Says to call for summer and Yom Tov schedules.
    My friend from Queens picked his ride up from Brooklyn (i.e. there are no Queens stops).
    Regular buses from Port Authority should leave every day (including an al-nighter).

    I've also never heard of an Ateres ? shul. Does the invitation mention the shul?

  14. Thanks. Looks like I may have found a ride anyway...

    I dunno, I'd have to check. I'm getting rides in Toronto anyway. :)

  15. You're welcome.

    Just tell the person who is giving you a lift to find Bathurst St... most of the Jewish community is either on or off it.

  16. It's not, Chu-RON-Oh, Too-RON-oh or
    though PsychToddler's Torrrrano is definitely the closest! It's more like Tchrono. The first syllable is TCHRO, EH!