Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Another Large Jewish Riot...

...this time, against Jews. Orthomom points out yet another sickening story, this time from B'nei Brak: [editing and emphasis mine]
Yeshiva students attack income tax officials
Income tax investigators came under a violent attack in the ultra-Orthodox city of Bnei Brak, near Tel Aviv, on Monday afternoon, and it is believed that police saved the lives of the officials.
The Tax Authority has launched a campaign against severe violations in the ultra-Orthodox sector, and investigators raided four haredi charity centers used as fronts for changing money where hundreds of thousands of dollars have disappeared.

On Monday, however, the party was over, when tax officials raided the premises and photographed all the checks in the facility. At that point, however, a riot began. Rumors of the raid spread around the city, and within minutes hundreds of yeshiva students arrived.

The neighborhood residents who arrived on the scene snatched documents from the hands of the officials, attacked their vehicles, beat them, threw them on the floor and kicked them.

"All the guys from the yeshiva came and then things got messy. We bought tomatoes and threw them at the officials. The officials took shelter in one of the houses. In the meantime we broke their windshields and slashed all of the tires. We didn't leave one windshield whole," one rioter boasted.
The attitude toward any secular authority that seems to pervade the extreme right-wing* of Judaism is absolutely despicable. Notice the bolded portions: The damage caused - and proudly caused - is horrific, but notice that it started with illegal actions that are often excused by the far-right* because the government is viewed as irrelevant or 'mutar to steal from'. I am waiting to hear the massive condemnations from respected Rabbonim in Eretz Yisrael on this... Sadly, I don't think it's a good idea to hold my breath while I wait.

Hey, at least they bought the tomatoes they threw. (Sick.)

* Right-wing and far-right are meant religiously, not politically.


  1. The fact that you can use the term "right" in the poltical sense in a context describing "charedim" is either an indication of your ignorance or willfull misrepresentation!

    Charedim have nothing to do with Israel's political "Right" expect in the rare cases where they decide it is politically expedient.

  2. Far-right religiously, not politically...

    I think that was pretty clear, actually.

  3. Oh, here we go.

    "investigators raided four haredi charity centers used as fronts for changing money"...

    So. They're "money changers"?

    Wait till the American religiously-right-wing-Xtians get a load of this. They're gonna have a field day.

    Falwell, Robertson... 'Ah, it's time for our false messiah to come back... he drove out the money changers the first time 2000 years ago and we need him to do it again!'

    Gag me with a whip. Like Jews need to create our own PR problems and hand them to the world on a silver platter.

    OTOH, I found this
    while Googling and had to share. Sorry!!

  4. Check out the riot video on

  5. Chana - LOL for the link.

    Biff - Thanks.