Wednesday, June 28, 2006

MordyS: How about something happy!

I've been going to a lot of simchas lately. Weddings, engagement parties, sheva brochos, brisses, sholom zochors, and all that stuff. It's got me thinking about brochos (blessings).

In just about every culture, I believe there is some form of a wedding toast. The Irish have their saying, the Italians have their traditional toast, and I'm sure the Zulus and the Tootsies probably have their own form of the idea.

So, as I've been going to tons (at least it feels like tons) of weddings lately, I've been hearing all kinds of interesting and not so interesting brochos. Most Jews seem to leave it to the usual "bayis neeman byisrael" or the onlysimchas version- "bnb." Some get a little more into it and give a "filled with simcha, and torah, and chessed, and yadda yadda yadda..."

I like to make mine different.
Shemona Esrei ends with the brocha of Sholom (Peace). Now, I don't remember where I heard this, but basically I remember the reason is because what's knowledge, health, or even Jerusalem, if you can't even enjoy it in peace. And that makes alot of sense to me, so my brocha that I've been giving to all the newlyweds I know is that they should have Sholom Bayis (peace in the home), because what's the point of bulding a home without the peace? (And besides the non-stop rise of the divorce rate in this country and other domestic violence issues and the like, peace at home has never been more important in general.)

I want to know what kind of brochos people give out or if there is any reason to give an original brocho or whatever.


  1. Just as you have your ups and downs when you are single, you also have them when you are married, however, it's maginifed.

    When things are up its even greater an experience than when you are alone. When things are down, its more intense and difficult when sharing the experience.

    Toast: May you experience wonderful blessing and enjoyment in your marriage and may the hard times strengthen your marriage and make the good experiences even better.

  2. That's really nice, Mordy.

    I actually like to say that every other brocho (blessing) the person receives be fulfilled l'tovah, for the best. Plenty of things are wonderful - at the right time, in the right way. Most people focus on the first part, so I like to focus on the latter.

  3. My name is Jonah or Yoni. Pick either, but not Mordy. ;-)

  4. I was writing that to Mordy, not you. Check the timestamps. :)

  5. Well, umm, maybe you wrote a response within one minute of my you sit at your computer waiting on my every move? ;-)

  6. May you never need to ask me for the name of the terrific frum therapist I know of in Cleveland!

  7. ok, i know how much you both love me, but come on guys. there's enough mordy for everyone!

    and i thought of another one- may all your l'chaims only lead to more l'chaims of bigger and better scotch!!!! hehehe