Monday, June 19, 2006

The Goldish Family

My friend FFD (or was it FFW?) took this at our friend Jon's engagement party. I was boiling [and sweating] to death, and much prefer taking photos to being in them (unlike my sister's family and SIL, I was not blessed with the ability to smile at a camera, let alone be photogenic), but this wasn't as terrible as most pictures. And I'm a guy, so I really don't care all that much [thank God!]. :) It's one of the only half-decent pictures of the three of us together that we have, actually. Anyways, enjoy!

Oh, best funny story from the engagement party: I notice that sitting on the couch is a little girl who looks quite familiar... but a little older than I remember, wearing glasses. She's Jon's little sister (8 years old?), and I used to be at their house quite a bit when I was single (and even a couple of times after). I look her in the eye and start a conversation...
Ez: Hey, Becca!

B: (quizzical look)

Ez: Remember me?

B: Noooo...

Ez: You don't remember me?

B: Nope. I don't think

Ez: I'm Jon's friend.

B: I only remember one of Jon's friends.

Ez: How about this - imagine me half the size I am now. Now do you remember me?

B: Ummm.... no.

Ez: You really don't remember me?

B: No. I only remember one of Jon's friends.

Ez: And not me? Well, who DO you remember?

B: It doesn't matter. You're not him.

Ez: Well, try me. I want to know who you do remember.

B: You're not him!

Ez: Well, what's his name?

B: What's the difference? I don't remember you.

Ez: Well, what's his name anyway?

B: His name is Ezzie.

Ez: (OOF) (laughing) I'M Ezzie.

B: No you're not!

Ez: Yes, I am!

B: Nuh-uh.

Ez: Really, I am.

B: Well, you don't look like Ezzie.

Ez: Look again.

B: (peers intently) Okay, maybe a little.
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  1. Now THAT was the photo I was waiting to see! Barbie and Ken and baby kelly of the blogging world!

    cute story- I love kids, they're such confidence boosters!

  2. cute story... always good for your confidence :P

    lovely family photo, one for grandma & grandpa's fridge!

  3. Ezzie, what a beautiful family.
    And that story is hilarious!

  4. Cute Family. I am a giver so I am going to teach you how to smile at a camera.

    Just before they click the shutter think of the cavs winning a title, but not for too long because your smile will soon turn to a frown. ;)

  5. What a beautiful family (you included Ezzie)!

  6. Man, you're getting old.

  7. Kasamba - LOL. Ken? Hehe. And Serach's too short to be Barbie. :)

    Sarah - Yep. Already e-mailed it :)

    CM - Hey, it wasn't THAT funny!! ;)

    Jack - :P You are in SO much trouble...

    Stacey - Thanks!

    David - Seriously. Good thing I have all my hair still.

  8. Awww! What a great photo! : ) You come out perfectly fine on pictures; stop being so self-conscious! Elianna keeps getting cuter by the day!

  9. Moi, self-conscious? Noooo... :)

  10. Davids right, you really getting old. Oh, and you might still have your hair, but that hair line is sure starting to recede.

  11. HH - No, always been like that. My father's is exactly the same way (at 60) and my grandfather's was at 89 when he passed away.

  12. Jack - :P You are in SO much trouble...

    Why? Because Stacey's cleveland roots has jinxed the Mavs. ;)

  13. Great pic! Talk to u soon...

  14. How come the babies dont have to wear clothes?

  15. I agree. Nobody should have to.

  16. Ezz....Never mind..scary thought

  17. I think it's time to put that picture up, instead of the wedding picture, at least for the profile/comments "calling card."