Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Conspiracy: Bush Halves Deficit Three Years Early

No, it's not a conspiracy that he halved the deficit; it's pretty straightforward that lowering the tax rate caused the economy to boom which did it. I just mean that I wrote a post about it over at Just Another Jewish Conspiracy.


  1. Hey Ezzie - Heads Up - 44 year old Valley Girl Ann Coulter and George Carlin are on the Tonight show tonight. It should be goooooood!!!!

    I found a great Keith Olbermann clip on You Tube - come see!

    And I have another 3 year old story, LOL!

  2. how do you have time to post so many posts a day with a new baby in the house. Do you help your wife with her at all?

  3. Um, I watch her myself half the day, then we both take care of her the rest of the day.

    She's 11 weeks - she's not running around...

  4. Who says Ezzie's doing the typing? With these parents, it's safe to say that Elianna is Very Advanced!