Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Secret J-Blogger Meetings

As readers of both DovBear's blog and my own are aware, we've both invited others to guest post on our blogs this week. Before I discuss the intriguing timing of this, it is interesting to note the similarities and differences between our respective guest posters.

DovBear's usual #2, so to speak, is his liberal Cousin Oliver. My #2 is my somewhat conservative sister-in-law, SIL. DovBear added a kofer (Mis-Nagid), who deserves Post of the Day status for this post; I added a friend (MordyS) who used to be called one. He added a mystical man (Akiva) who is part of 4 blogs; I added a very grounded young lady (Pobody's Nerfect) who is part of none. He added an already-working, married with a kid liberal lawyer who loves sports (Noyam) while I added a desperate-for-a-job, about-to-be-married conservative medical student wanna-be (FrumDoc) who hates sports. Finally, he added a token normal, clear-thinking conservative to be a bit different from the rest (Nephtuli), while I added a crazed nutjob who lives in a compound and goes on strange nighttime trips (Jameel).

The obvious question is... why? Where did we go? Is it just happenstance that two of the more prolific J-bloggers - often on opposing ends of the spectrum of opinion - suddenly hand the keys to their blogs to a group of strangers? While I was tempted to answer yes, I feel compelled to spill the beans to all of you, so here it is:

This week is the annual Super Top-Secret Big J-Blogger Meeting in *********, ******. Normally, we'd all bring our latops and blog from the meeting so as not to arouse suspicion, but alas - Serach wants the computer, and DovBear actually blogs only from work because his wife is a staunch conservative and can't know he has a blog. She thinks he's visiting the godol hador, not the Godol Hador. Ha!

So many of you are probably wondering why Jameel is guest-blogging for me, if he's probably really busy at the meeting and all. Well, the truth is... he wasn't invited. Yeah, you heard me right. We just weren't comfortable having him do what he did last year, which was walking over to everyone's laptops, turning them, and typing "Whatever is being said at the Super Top-Secret J-blogger Meeting, my blog faces Jameel's computer." It just gets annoying after a while, ya know? Things got so bad that though they've since patched things up, RenReb even called him a "cockyhead", and David got so annoyed, he almost overreacted - but thankfully, he kept his gun holstered and baked cheesecake instead.

I can't reveal who else will be there - after all, it is a Super Top-Secret Meeting, and if you're wondering why I didn't list you, of course it's to protect your identity - but I will note with sadness those who won't be there this year. One Psycho is throwing a huge rock concert (as if that were somehow a big deal - hmph!), while another sadly has a tragedy to deal with. We'll miss them both. Also, Orthomom sadly couldn't afford the trip after buying a stroller for her youngest.

Okay - looks like its time for the next presentation by GH - "Why stay Orthodox?!!?" I'm sure this will be markedly different from last year's "Who's right: Gil or Mis-Nagid?!" and bring in never before discussed ideas and approaches that don't go on ad nauseum. Of course.